• August 2008
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laughter yoga

Yesterday at the Farmers Market, Chrissie and I saw a little circle of people over to the side of the building taking deep breaths, making faces at each other and laughing. As we stood in line to buy some veggies (tomatoes, okra, eggplant, squash and cucumbers), we saw that other people in line were noticing and asking about those laughing people too. The stand owner and her daughter said that they thought the laughers were called THE LAUGH SQUAD or something like that. They weren’t sure why they were over there laughing, but thought it might be to bring smiles to market patrons.

As we were walking away, Chrissie and I saw a sign that said LAUGHTER YOGA and had an arrow pointing in their direction over there under the trees. I was a little skeptical, having not ever heard of laughter yoga until that moment.

Guess what? It really does exist! It’s not some made-up thing that a bunch of weird Oklahomans were doing at the Farmers Market to entertain the masses. It’s an actual form of exercise. Even Oprah agrees (scroll to the bottom of the linked page to see a quote from Oprah about laughter yoga).

Since I like laughing and all (see the name of my blog), I’m thinking this might be the perfect form of exercise for me to explore. 🙂

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