• August 2008
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the dreaded upgrade

I’ve been procrastinating about updating my version of WordPress for a.g.e.s. Expecting it to be a complete and total nightmare since I’m not very techie, I’ve read through the installation section of “WordPress for Dummies” several times, have read the WP upgrade instructions several times and still didn’t feel confident about doing anything without causing big problems.

Tonight, I was about to draft an email to my hosting company and ask them if they could upgrade for me and how much it would cost when I decided to read through all my correspondence from them from when I set up my site to see if anything was there. I found an old email that I had received from Blogs About Hosting and realized that I had been procrastinating and worrying for no reason. All I had to do was open the program in my cpanel called “fantastico” and click on the “upgrade” button. Everything was completely done in a matter of seconds.

Whew! Don’t I feel silly!

By the way, if you’re in the market for a hosting company or are having trouble with yours, I highly recommend Blogs About Hosting. I’ve not had a single bit of trouble or dissatisfaction since the day my site was up and running. They were very helpful and patient with all my questions and have very reasonable hosting fees – very important things, in my opinion, when searching for someone to host your website/blog.


I can almost hear the sighs of contentment as my daughters rifle through stacks of notebooks and loose leaf binders and choose pens and pencils to take to class with them tomorrow. The room is completely silent (aside from the pecking of keys I’m doing) as they look over their schedules for the hundredth time and carefully write their names in agendas, notebooks and folders. They’ve been talking about which teachers they will have this year, how they have missed their friends and are excited to begin a new school year tomorrow.

My son is another story. He could care less about school supplies and thinks school is a social event set up only for him to show up and entertain the masses. If he happens to learn something along the way, fine. If not, that’s ok with him, too. I’m not sure how that child winds up with A’s and B’s each semester.