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Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Working in the Coalmines

1. What is your job and do you like it? I love my job! I work for a medical billing company.

2. What to you do to unwind after work? Go for a walk after dinner if it’s not 100 degrees (F) outside and/or read a book.

3. Who have you known the longest of your friends? I think that would be Chrissie, since I’ve technically known her for longer than I’ve known Julie.  🙂

4. Who do you go to for advice? Mom or Dad

5. Not counting your current relationship, how many times have you been in love? No current relationship.  Answer:  Once (ex-husband).

6. What is you favorite snack food? Tortilla chips with salsa and avocado

7. What is the best meal you ate this week?  I cannot remember.  I guess that means everything was boring.  Fun, huh?

8. What to you is the most important factor in romantic attraction? Friendship.

9. What do you think is your worst habit?  Procrastination (things without deadlines tend to get pushed to the bottom of the list).