• August 2008
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as seen on tv

As of late, I’m fully embracing my self-proclaimed unofficial title of “AS-SEEN-ON-TV-tester.”

Yesterday, I bought the Ped Egg at my local nightmare department store.  I tried it last night, moisturized, put on socks, and woke up to incredibly smooth, soft feet.  I’ve tried a lot of products seeking to get rid of dry, calloused feet.  I must say this product works better than any other I’ve tried.

Two weeks ago, I bought a set of green bags to see if they really keep produce fresh for longer.  Those things really work!  I’m very impressed that none of my produce has spoiled.  I bought baby spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers and a salad mix right before Julie and her family got here, 2 weeks ago, thinking I’d cook and use all of that up in a week.  Obviously, I’m not much of a cook when it’s 999,999 degrees outside, so the produce is still sitting in my refrigerator.  Normally, the produce would be slimy and nasty by now.  But not this time!  Green bags to the rescue!  I’m happy to report that of this evening, none of the spinach has wilted, the mushrooms are still fresh (and not gooey), the bell peppers are perfect, as is the salad mix.  The bags are reusable (the box says 8-10 times) and are definitely worth every cent.

If you have trouble with hard, calloused feet or wilting produce, try out these products.  I’m glad I did! 🙂