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my week

This past week felt like the longest week!  We had training at work on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.  It was off-site and really got my internal schedule mixed up, I think.  All day Wednesday I thought it was Thursday, so I got to have two Thursdays.  Lucky me. 🙂

I spent a lot of time with my sisters and their families this week.  Julie was here staying at Mom and Dad’s house, so Chrissie and I were able to see Julie and her family almost every day.   I’m so glad they were able to come up.  We had a great time seeing them and look forward to another visit soon.

What a great night last night was!  I helped a few people find their seats and had a nice evening supporting the arts in my small way.  No, I didn’t go to the John Mellencamp concert!  I’m talking about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Civic Center.  The show did not get outstanding reviews in the local newspaper, but I thought it was wonderful.  I’m not a professional critic of musicals, but really, how many patrons are?  Throughout the performance, I heard laughing, sighs, gasps, and loads of clapping/cheering – at the appropriate times during the program, of course.  I lost count of how many people I heard saying how wonderful they thought the show was as they were leaving.


Saturday 9

Saturday 9: We Travel Well

1. What part of the world and country do you live in? United States, central Oklahoma.

2. What is the furthest from home that you have been, and where is it? I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Florida and Washington. I’m not sure which is farther away since I’m right in the middle.

3. What travel destination have you enjoyed the most? Canada

4. What travel destination have you enjoyed the least?

5. Is there somewhere you’d like to visit but have not, and where is it? Several places, actually.  Right now Italy and Greece are at the top of my list.

6. Do you prefer traveling to see historic places or to hit the beach and relax? A mix of both historic and beach is perfect.

7. What popular vacation destination have you never considered because you think you’d not like it? Hilton Head

8. Where do you travel to most recently? Canada

9. Do you like day trip “mini-vacations”? Yes, but don’t do mini-vacations often.