• June 2008
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I love a rainy night

except when it knocks out the electricity on the entire block I live on. Something happened with a lightning strike, a transformer and fire. I don’t have details, just frantic details from a neighbor who loves to share this sort of news at 10:30pm in the midst of tornado warnings, rain, howling wind and frantic searches for candles.

I’m hoping it won’t take a week to get us back up and running at my house, like it did during the ice storm in December.

The lights went out 5 minutes before I got home from “Spamalot” last night.

EDIT:  At 2:30pm this afternoon, our electricity was restored.  When I got home, A big orange electric company truck was in front of my house.  I smiled, waved, thanked them profusely.  They probably thought I was nuts.  Maybe I am.  Or maybe I’m just happy to have cool non-humid air in my house again.  🙂

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