• May 2008
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Youngest daughter and her friends have recently discovered the joy of text messaging and celebrate this joy by keeping the phone at their side at all times with a really annoying and loud ring tone for incoming messages.   I’m really glad our family plan has unlimited texting.

Yesterday afternoon, J (youngest daughter) came running through the house in a panic, touching each of us on the arm and shouting TAG! as she frantically found Sophie, Smokey and Dobby and “tagged” them too.  I got tagged twice to make sure she had tagged nine others.

She had apparently been sent a chain mail text message that said she was supposed to “tag” nine others in the next five minutes so all her dreams would come true.  For a few minutes, there was a flurry of activity as she rushed around yelling TAG!  Seeing the bewildered look on 14 yr & 13 yr old’s faces, not to mention seeing how Sophie and Smokey reacted was all so funny.  Dobby (our cockatiel) looked at her like she was nuts, as he tends to do often as he looks at us, as she tagged his cage.

She was so innocent and cute that I didn’t have the heart to tell her that “tag” in that case meant forwarding the text message to nine other people and that getting those chain mail messages can get annoying if you get 997 in one day and that they’re not real.  She doesn’t need to know that just yet.

I will miss things like this when she is a little bit older.

2 Responses

  1. She is so pretty!

  2. That’s cute. And I like her way better, imagine if people were running around like that at random 😉

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