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This morning I helped Mom and Dad move a truckload of mulch from the back of their pickup to the flowerbed. Mom and I got the mulch from the local recycling center for FREE. I have some here at my house to use in my flowerbeds, but need to get more. I only have about half of what I’ll need to finish it.

When we were cleaning out the truck bed after getting all the wood chips mulch out, I mentioned that Chrissie and I were planning to go to a movie in a couple of hours. Mom said, Oh, Sex and the City? I’d already told her of our plans. Then Dad said, What movie?

Here’s the confession part: I am 38 years old. I have 3 children and have been through a marriage and a divorce. I’m raising two teenagers and a tween. I’m proud of the lessons I’ve learned and who I’m turning out to be. I was mortified embarrassed to say the name of the movie in front of my dad because it has the word S-E-X in it.

I didn’t say it, so Mom did. Oh, from the tv show? Dad asked. Yes, I said, as I wished I could crawl under a rock.

What is that? Why in the world would I be embarrassed by that? I wasn’t standing there in front of my father talking about ME having sex, which would be awkward and a good reason for embarrassment, I believe. Good grief.

And another thing. . . the movie was really good. I do not know why I cried through almost the whole thing. Not sobbing or constant crying, nothing crazy like that. Just little moments of tears throughout the movie after the first 30 minutes or so. I think I may need antidepressants.

Saturday 9

Satuurday 9: Another High School Meme

1. Can you sing the fight song? I can hear it in my head, hum the tune and play the notes (clarinet) with my fingers, but I don’t know if I ever knew the words.

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Mrs.Walters – government and history.

3. What was your school mascot? Savage

4. Did you go to the Prom? Yes

5. If you could go back, would you? If I could keep the knowledge I have now, yes, definitely.

6. What do you remember most about graduation? Where my family sat in the audience.

7. Where were you on Senior Skip Day? I was out of school for Senior Week – the entire week before graduation a bunch of us camped at the lake in campers.

8. Did you have a job your senior year? Yes, I worked at Wal-Mart Pharmacy from the time I turned 16.

9. Where did you go most often for lunch? Sonic. Standard order: cheese pickle-o’s and iced tea.

Thanks so much for joining us again at Saturday: 9. As always, feel free to come back, see who has participated and comment on their posts. In fact sometimes, if you want to read & comment on everyone’s responses, you might want to check back again tomorrow. But it is not a rule. We haven’t any rules here. Join us on next Saturday for another version of Saturday: 9, “Just A Silly Meme on a Saturday!” Enjoy your weekend~!

internet filter

Do you use an internet filter to block out sites with inappropriate language and images? I’m currently searching for a good internet filter and have downloaded one called K9 Web Protection by Blue Coat Systems. I did a search for several “bad” words (as a test – to make sure it was working and to see how it worked) and was completely blocked by Google SafeSearch. The only issue that’s a concern is that the Google SafeSearch settings can be accessed with a click of the mouse. I have not seen a way to password protect Google SafeSearch yet.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

I’m a Star!

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to attend training to be a volunteer at the Civic Center Music Hall.  The program is called STARS.  I’m quite excited about being able to support the arts locally.  Two of the first shows I get to volunteer for are Spamalot and The Sound of Music.  🙂

my big fat movie quote

The other night, youngest daughter came into my bedroom saying how her foot hurt.   Without thinking, I said, “Put some Windex on it.”  Just like the dad in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”  🙂

So she did.

I’m not sure why she was using the bottom of a plastic bowl as a foot rest.

It was so funny!


Many thanks to Michelle (of Michelle Martin Photography) for the use of this great photo.  It’s one of my favorites from her flickr photostream.

six plus one

It’s now been six months since my niece Megan’s death.  Well, six months and one day today.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long.  It really does not seem like it.

Please keep my sister Chrissie and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  This has been so hard on them and nothing that we can offer is comfort enough.


On this day twelve years ago, my youngest child was born. She weighed in at 6 lbs 6 oz and was 19 inches long. It’s hard to believe that in these past 144 months, she’s grown 46 inches. She’s now 5 ft 5 inches and cannot wear my shoes anymore because they’re too small (yippee!).

Happy Birthday, dear Jasmine.

You are a joy in my life. I love you.


I cannot think of anything to post about at the moment that does not sound like I’m hosting a pity party for myself.

I’ll just say for now that living with two teens and a tween who all have strong personalities, wacky hormones and immature brains is like being on a roller coaster with all the ups, downs and crazy turns. It’s much harder at times than I could have ever imagined even a few short months ago.

Hope is still alive, though, along with the knowledge that it will get better. Or it won’t. Either way, I will get through this. Maybe they will too. 🙂


I told Mom tonight that I’m reading The Memory of Earth by Orson Scott Card. I have thoroughly enjoyed Ender’s Game and that series of books and now with The Memory of Earth I’ve begun the Homecoming series.

Mom told me that he’s been awarded with the 2008 YALSA Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Contribution to Young Adult Literature for his body of work, namely Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow. He will be awarded by the American Library Association in June.

Congratulations, Mr. Orson Scott Card. Your ability to create different worlds is amazing. I have loved having those characters and their environments in my imagination.

growing up

My youngest child will be twelve years old next week and is growing up faster than I’m ready for. I knew this day was coming from the moodiness and wacky blood sugar readings she’s had lately. I have talked with her about what to expect, what to do,  and have given detailed explanations (much to her dismay) about how the human body works. I thought we’d be dealing with this in the next year or so. I just didn’t think it was coming so soon. As in, today.

Some would say, “she’s a woman now.” When I said that to her, joking around with her a bit to ward off her tears of horrified frustration that this nauseating, painful fun will happen monthly instead of yearly, she buried her head in my pillow and said, “Mom, please don’t ever say that again.”

So I won’t.

Am I old-fashioned or just out of date?

I saw this lovely look at the orchestra concert. Was that last week or the week before? Anyway, I had to snap a photo so I’d not ever forget how my eyeballs begged to be scoured with lye to erase the effect of gazing upon such a sight.

Now, really, why would anyone go around with their bra hanging out like that? Why not just wear a different shirt? Is it so necessary to wear a spaghetti strap shirt that it must be worn at the cost of the corneas of everyone you come into contact with?

Am I so terribly old fashioned and out of touch with today’s style? I hope not. If this is the latest look, my daughters will not be sporting it. Not when I’m around. Or when they’re leaving the house. Ever.


Youngest daughter and her friends have recently discovered the joy of text messaging and celebrate this joy by keeping the phone at their side at all times with a really annoying and loud ring tone for incoming messages.   I’m really glad our family plan has unlimited texting.

Yesterday afternoon, J (youngest daughter) came running through the house in a panic, touching each of us on the arm and shouting TAG! as she frantically found Sophie, Smokey and Dobby and “tagged” them too.  I got tagged twice to make sure she had tagged nine others.

She had apparently been sent a chain mail text message that said she was supposed to “tag” nine others in the next five minutes so all her dreams would come true.  For a few minutes, there was a flurry of activity as she rushed around yelling TAG!  Seeing the bewildered look on 14 yr & 13 yr old’s faces, not to mention seeing how Sophie and Smokey reacted was all so funny.  Dobby (our cockatiel) looked at her like she was nuts, as he tends to do often as he looks at us, as she tagged his cage.

She was so innocent and cute that I didn’t have the heart to tell her that “tag” in that case meant forwarding the text message to nine other people and that getting those chain mail messages can get annoying if you get 997 in one day and that they’re not real.  She doesn’t need to know that just yet.

I will miss things like this when she is a little bit older.

endo. visit

J’s visit with the endocrinologist on Wednesday morning did not bring good news. Her A1C was horrible. I am not exaggerating. It was higher than the machine could calibrate. Greater than 14. Fun, huh?

For quite a while now, I have felt that I was chasing her down, forcing her to check her blood sugar, forcing her to calculate carbohydrates and to do insulin boluses for the carbs she consumes.

Her endocrinologist is wonderful. She completely put the monkey on J’s back and talked to J. about her responsibility in taking care of herself, how she’s the one living with this disease and how she has to be the one to take charge and do the right thing regardless of where she is or how she feels about it.

She talked directly to J. about the contract she signed with the diabetes team when beginning pump therapy. The contract states that she will check her blood sugar at least 4 times each day and give insulin boluses for each carb she has. When the endo. checked J’s pump, she’d only done one bolus last Sunday. ONE! Yes, J. ate all day long. She had a friend over and they snacked a lot. I had not checked her pump to monitor her boluses, so I had no idea. I had no idea that I even needed to do that. I never imagined that J. would just not bolus. Now I have to check her bolus history every couple of days to be sure J. is doing the right thing, especially if she begins a pattern of high blood sugars again.

The endo. also spoke with J. about how grazing and snacking all day messes up her blood sugar and stacks insulin doses, which has the potential to cause big trouble.

Her next appointment with the endo. is in one month. J’s been given a second chance to get to keep her pump by checking her blood sugar and recording it at least 4 times each day and bolusing each time she eats/drinks carbohydrates. After the serious way the endo. spoke with her, J. (finally) realized how serious this really is. She thought I was being overly dramatic when I fussed at her about not checking her blood sugar very often.

Now she still thinks I’m dramatic and that the endocrinologist means serious business about the pump.

This photo is of J. at the endo. appointment. I had to take this photo to remember how silly (tween-ish) she was acting at that moment. She was “not talking” to me at the moment of the photo because I told the endo. how worried I was about J. not taking care of herself, how I worry that she’s establishing bad habits right now that will be hard to break later on and that I’m worried about her health and side effects of the high blood sugars in the future. J. rolled her eyes and said, “She’s so dramatic all the time. Ugh.” Of course, at that moment, J’s blood sugar was high, so she was extra irritable and fun.

3 years and 3 days ago

I posted my first blog entry. I knew the anniversary date was sometime around the first of May but didn’t bother to look until just now.

Anyway, Happy Blog-a-birthday to me! 🙂