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We had pizza last night for dinner. A normal thing, right?

Not at our house.

Eleven year old daughter, who has type I diabetes, checked her blood sugar before dinner, we figured out how many carbohydrates the pizza had, and she did her insulin boluses for the food. We had decided ahead of time to try the square wave bolus, which delivers the insulin spread out over a period of time that the user chooses. Her endocrinologist had suggested it since pizza is one of the foods that wacks out daughter’s blood sugar. The others are Chinese food, ice cream and sometimes sugared cereals with milk.

Since her blood sugar is usually really high for several hours after eating pizza, we decided to have the insulin delivery cover a two hour span. This happens from all the fat blocking the carbohydrates at first and then a bunch of carbs floating around with no insulin to eat them up – simplistic terms, I know.

After two hours, her blood sugar was over 530 (goal range is 80-150). YIKES! Her tummy hurt at this point and she was not feeling very good. She did a correction (more insulin) and we changed her basal rate (the amount of insulin she gets each hour throughout the day) to 150% for a few hours. Through the night, I got up and checked her blood sugar every two hours, doing correction doses and making her drink some water. All. Night. Long. By 4:30, it was finally below 150. It’s so sad to see her little hand sticking out of the covers when I come in her room in the wee hours and say, “Time to check your blood sugar again.” A few times, I think she slept through it after sticking her hand out so I could prick her finger.

I’ve been an exhausted, grouchy mess today. Caffeine is not my friend, but it’s been my companion today. It’s 9:30pm now and I’m off to bed.

I’ll not be ordering pizza again anytime soon.  That was NOT a good choice.

3 Responses

  1. Breaks my heart, sorry both of you had a rough night.

  2. Sorry to hear this…pizza is a joy in life, in my book…you’re doing the right thing, though…

  3. OH NO! I can only imagine the pain. For you and for her. Hopefully you’ll be able to sneak in a nap today!

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