• March 2008
    S M T W T F S
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Depp is Dillinger

photo credit: Kazren/ohjohnny

photo credit: Ticiak

One Response

  1. This man has changed my life… he has redefined decorative arts… know why? My daughter’s room … my soon-to-be double digit daughter … worships him. In the grandest sense of the word … WORSHIPS him.
    me … “what do you want for your birthday?”
    soon-to-be 10 chick … “Johnny Depp.”
    me… “what do you want your password to be for your email?”
    soon-to-be 10 chick … “Johnny Depp.”
    me … “want to watch a movie with me?”
    soon-to-be 10 chick … “is Johnny Depp in it?”
    He is definitely the sexiest man alive around our house!
    glad to know we are not alone in our appreciation of beauty 🙂

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