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My dad

Today is Dad’s birthday. He’s not been feeling well for the past week – strepthroat and bronchitis. He was feeling some better today, so we went out to see him and Mom for lunch. We had a nice afternoon visiting from a distance – he didn’t want us to get too close and catch anything. He’s been taking antibiotics since last Sunday (when Mom took him to an urgent care clinic), but still feels really crummy.

From Dad, I’ve learned about integrity and hard work. He’s proof that someone can change their life and their relationships if they choose to and work hard to make it happen.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

I love you.

Earth Hour 2008

Earth Hour is tonight. From 8-9pm local time, people around the world will turn off their lights in an effort to make a proclamation about climate change.

During this hour, I plan to light candles and play a board game with my children. I’m not sure that they’ll all go along with the board game plan. If not, I will work on a puzzle or read a book. 🙂

We use CFL bulbs, change air conditioner/heater filters regularly, use reusable shopping bags, use less plastic bags, and choose paper over plastic if I must choose. We turn off the water when brushing our teeth, use a timer to make sure we don’t take long showers, and set the thermostat 2 degrees higher in summer and 2 degrees lower in winter.

Some changes I plan to make are to set a reminder so I don’t forget to turn off the power strip for the computer each night, unplug appliances that are not in use, and shop at our local farmers market more often. I have looked at localharvest.org to find a local CSA, but the one in my area seems to be out of business.

What changes can you make to conserve energy? Go to EarthHourUS.org to see the video, to pledge to turn out your lights, and to get hints/tips for easy changes you can make today.

senseless tragedy

This news article about the 11 year old girl in Wisconsin who died of diabetic ketoacidosis is so very sad. While her parents sat by and prayed for her, she suffered needlessly as her body shut down.

When my youngest child was diagnosed with type I diabetes at age 10 (she is now 11) in December 2006, she was in diabetic ketoacidosis. Her body had attacked and destroyed the beta cells in her pancreas and her body no longer produced insulin. The theory is that her body probably fought off a virus and then turned on the insulin producing cells in her pancreas for some reason. Upon arrival at the ER, her blood sugar was 757 and she had large ketones in her urine (thus the name ketoacidosis). Her body was trying to burn off the excess sugar in her blood, but craving sugar at the same time because she could not utilize it without insulin to help out. She was weak, lethargic, had lost about 20 pounds over 3 or 4 weeks, and was very dehydrated although she drank everything she could. I thought she had a stomach virus and then thought it was her appendix. She was in pain, barely able to walk due to shortness of breath and was extremely weak. I had to hold her up and practically carry her into the ER. It was awful and very scary.

I cannot imagine seeing her like that, sitting there praying for her and not seeking help.  I prayed for my daughter, my whole family, our friends and members of our church prayed for her.  We also sought those trained with the knowledge needed to help us.  The medical staff at the ICU told me that if I’d not taken her to the hospital, she’d probably not have made it through that night. She was almost in a diabetes induced coma.

I can understand that her parents have their religious beliefs, whatever those beliefs are. We all have beliefs that govern our lives. I cannot understand how a parent could sit by and watch their child suffer and die when something could have been done. I’m just not made that way. This child could have lived a long, happy and healthy life with diabetes education and insulin therapy.

Reading the news story about poor little Madeline Neumann brought back so many feelings. My eyes were full of tears and I felt the sort of outrage and indignation that I feel when one of my children have been bullied or treated unfairly. This was a needless tragedy, a death that could have easily been prevented.

Happy birthday to you!

Someone special has a birthday today.

Someone who goes sledding with her children, nieces and nephew on snow days,

decorates cakes with flair,

likes to hug moose,

doesn’t mind getting soaked for a good view,

is not afraid to take Buckley’s…

if it will help her feel better in the end,

and is not afraid to let her inner sparkle show.

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday, dear Chrissie!

Hope your day is a happy one.

I love you, sis!


I didn’t realize that today is Thursday until about 5 minutes ago. Hence, no Thursday Thirteen post this week.

I do have photos to share, though!

I took this as 12yr-old-son and I drove home this afternoon from his appointment with the dermatologist. Another blind “aim ‘n click.”

This cute little ladybug lives on my front porch.

These two little chairs are also on my porch.

Sometimes Snuffles, my childhood friend, sits on the chairs. He likes to be outside, so I bring him out from time to time so he can hang out with us.

Happy Thursday!

Depp is Dillinger

photo credit: Kazren/ohjohnny

photo credit: Ticiak

birthday girl

Today, my niece is 10 years old. I’m glad we live near her family so we can celebrate special days together. Several times this evening, she said that she feels OLD. Being double digits in age is a HUGE deal, you know.

She was cute about it and all the adults smiled at each other and laughed as if to say, “She really has no idea.”

Happy Birthday, M!