• February 2008
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See the sparkly eyelids? My four year old niece used real glitter. She also applied the blush that created such a rosy glow. Fancy, huh?


The Barnes and Noble Meet the Writers podcast with Steve Bertrand is one of my favorite podcasts. Recently, I listened to an interview with Steve Cojocaru. He’s recently written Glamour, Interruped. In the interview, Steve Cojocaru spoke about his diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease, his career, and his outlook on life.

My favorite part was when Cojocaru said,

. . . I understand what tragedy is like and that you do grow up from it. You get a little gift as a surprise; you get more dimension and you see the good.

When I heard him say that, I went back and listened again. Then I listened to the entire interview again.

You can listen to the interview here.

I’ve found that tragedy can be completely debilitating and then later become a catalyst for change. In my life, three such events have been the divorce, my daughter’s diabetes diagnosis and my niece’s suicide this past November.

Through each experience, each tragedy, each time of mourning and healing, I have grown and have become who I am today. This, to me, is the gift of more dimension.