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Thursday Thirteen #51

Thirteen things that are worth the effort

1. Raising children

2. Making the bed

3. Mowing and edging the lawn

4. Playing games with the kids

5. Driving the speed limit

6. Doing tasks right the first time

7. Making lists (so I don’t forget)

8. Spending less than I earn

9. Cooking dinner (instead of getting take out)

10. Planting flowers in the yard

11. Getting to know the parents of my children’s friends

12. Conserving electricity and water

13. Reusable bags (instead of new plastic bags all the time)

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February 23 – Fun with hair.

February 24 – The “Honk and Drive”

February 25 – I really like old houses with wrap around porches.

February 26 – The daffodils will be here soon!

visit with the endocrinologist

Youngest daughter’s appointment was today. She’s 5’4″ now, the same height as my mom and two inches shorter than me.

Her A1C was not so good this time. The A1C is a number obtained from a blood test that shows what the average blood sugar level has been for the past 2-3 months. The American Diabetes Association recommends that the A1C stay below 7 to avoid developing complications. Daughter’s A1C today was 13.5. Scary, huh? When translated to blood glucose levels, that means her average has been around 300.

We came up with a plan of action, changed daughter’s basal rate (the amount of insulin her pump gives her each hour) between the hours of 2:00 pm and midnight since that seems to be the time she has the most trouble with high blood sugar levels. We discussed changing food to insulin ratios (the amount of insulin she gets each time she consumes carbohydrates) and talked about more changes that we can make if today’s change doesn’t work. We’ll go back in 2 months and call before that if things aren’t going well.

Daughter’s blood sugar was 156 before dinner. YIPPEE! Much better already.

This big blue crayon stands outside the hospital where our diabetes care team’s offices are located.

high blood sugar, ketones = sleep deprived

I worked an hour late this afternoon since tomorrow is youngest daughter’s quarterly appointment with the endocrinologist. When I got home, she was in bed sleeping. Oldest daughter and son said she had a snack after school and then went to bed. Not typical behavior for her. Not at all.

I checked her temperature, no fever. Then I had her get up and check her blood sugar. 552. Her goal range is 80 to 150. She also has large ketones. The goal is to not have any ketones in the urine. Large = >160 mg/dL. These numbers worry me. Especially since her numbers were good this morning before I dropped her off at school. I wonder if this is the beginning of puberty and if this is a little taste of what the hormonal changes that come along with puberty can do to insulin and blood sugar levels in the body.

I’ll be up every 2 hours with her through the night checking blood sugar and ketones, hoping her numbers are back to normal by morning. I’m really glad that she has an appointment with the endocrinologist tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE:  At 4:00 am, her blood sugar was 187.  I could finally sleep peacefully at that point, for 2 hours, until time to get up.

What’s in my crockpot

Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Coconut Rice

We’re not having coconut rice because I could not find coconut milk in my grocery store yesterday.  Do you know which section it would be in at a typical grocery store?  I wandered up and down and did not ever locate anyone who could help me.  Finally I decided we’d just have plain rice and call it good.

My house smells divine.  I cannot wait until it’s time for dinner!


I just upgraded this blog to the newest version of WordPress using the tutorial that Leanne Wildermuth has posted on her blog.

After much trepidation and procrastination, the actual installation and upgrade was not half as scary as I thought it would be.


How I developed My “Mad-Eye” and a Seventh Sense

This article is very well written and insightful. My journey from knowing nothing about type I diabetes to having it be part of every moment has been very much like this author described her own journey.