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big game?

Today, I had an email with this as the subject line:

Recipes for Big Game!

Great!, I thought.  If some of these recipes look good, I’ll share with Dad since he and Mom are always cooking venison, turkey and catfish.

I opened the email and saw recipes for nachos, dips, finger foods.  For THE BIG GAME.. The SuperBowl.  Duh.   Not big game (elk, deer, etc.).

Yes, I’m a dork.  I can admit it.

Dad got a good laugh out of it.  Well, as good of a laugh as you can get when you’re sick with a sore throat and a cough.

4 Responses

  1. That’s how you can always tell that someone knows hunting! I thought it was pretty funny, too!

  2. Great story! I got a big laugh too. Obviously, I am not a hunter, nor do I know anything about it. If I were real into hunting, or at least had a dad like yours, I am sure my thoughts would have been the same though. Is it okay to share this story with my family?

  3. Of course you can share it! I think it’s funny too, although I still feel silly for not reading the subject line more carefully.

    THE BIG GAME is not really on my radar. I don’t even know which teams are playing! The kids and I are having a snack day / Super Bowl Party on Sunday, though. I guess I’ll find out which teams are playing when the pre-game starts. 🙂

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