• January 2008
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middle school kids stink like skunks

when they’re mean to my kid.

My 11 yr old (youngest) daughter said that some kids at school called her fat.  She’s not, at all.  She’s just right on the height/weight chart. She also says she has no good friends at school and that the kids are mean to her because she has diabetes.  Her best friends from elementary school are at a different middle school because of the way the neighborhoods are zoned.  I’m considering requesting a transfer for 7th and 8th grades.  The other middle school is the same distance from our house and transferring might make life a little easier for her.  She’s got enough to deal with already, I think.

Daughter was crying as she told me this afternoon. It broke my heart. I wanted to charge up there and make those kids be nice. Of course, I cannot do that, so we had the talk about how kids who make fun of others usually feel badly about themselves and are making fun to make themselves feel better. We talked about how the mean kids often are just nice kids trying to act tough because they’re hurting inside. I know it doesn’t really help fix it, but maybe it will give her strength. I didn’t know what else to say, so I went with that – the first thing that came to mind.

Being a parent is so hard. Some days bring so much joy that my heart could burst. Other days bring equally as much pain and my heart is broken. As I watch them struggle to grow up and learn to make their way, I hope that the lessons I’ve taught and mistakes I’ve shared will help them make good choices and carry them through the hard times.

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  1. Those feelings of motherly-protection never go away either! I’ve often wished I could take the place of my children in certain experiences! I don’t understand the cruelty of children – except that it had to come from somewhere! I’m sure you’re right, that kids who tease are probably insecure and trying to make themselves look better. Again, I say the parents should have stepped in and helped those children feel better without having to belittle someone else! I think the most positive thing we can do for our children is to never let them forget how much they are loved and beautiful they are – through our eyes and through God’s eyes!
    In His Love and Blessings,

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