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It was 22 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon as I drove the kids home from school. I was stopped at a stop sign when I took this photo. The poor quality is due to my cell phone. Not sure why the lower photo is clear and the top one is grainy. Same camera. Same day. The photos were taken within 30 minutes of each other.

A small tree near the middle school.

sick day

Youngest daughter resting on the couch with Smokey (left) and Sophie.

response from a Senator

I wrote to the Senators and Representatives from Oklahoma in October after I wrote this post. Several of the senators and representatives have responded. I received the response below in an email today. I appreciate that Senator Coburn took the time to respond so thoughtfully. His response makes sense to me and I’m glad that I took time to write when I did.

January 30, 2008

Ms. Natalie XXX
XXX Street
XXX, Oklahoma 7XXXX

Dear Ms. XXX,

Thank you for writing me about your daughter Jasmine. I appreciate your input and candor. I sympathize with what you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis to help your daughter remain healthy.

As a practicing physician, I am well aware of the devastating impact diabetes has on Americans. I believe businesses should do the right thing with regard to people with disabilities. People like Jasmine should not face discrimination in businesses or in the workplace.

As you know, the Americans with Disabilities Act Restoration Act of 2007 (S. 1881) would amend the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 to re-define “disability” under the ADA as a physical or mental impairment (under current law, a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual), a record of a such impairment, or being regarded as having a such impairment. Furthermore, this bill would prohibit the consideration of whether the individual uses a mitigating measure, the impact of any mitigating measures, or whether any impairment manifestations are episodic, in remission, or latent, in determining whether a person is “disabled” for the purposes of applying the ADA.

This bill has been assigned to the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, of which I am a member. On November 15, the HELP Committee held a hearing on this bill. Mr. Orr testified at the hearing. At the hearing it came out that Mr. Orr’s attorney made some critical errors in how he handled the case. Thus, Mr. Orr’s story is not a story of failed legislation.

Because the bill as it’s currently written reshapes the definition of “disability” in a fashion that will lead to a litigation boom, I am hesitant to support this bill at this time. The definitions in the bill are too vague and broad to support. The HELP committee is likely to have more hearings on the bill. I look forward to reviewing the issues that are debated and discussed and will keep Jasmine in mind.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this issue. I will continue to support policies that work to integrate persons with disabilities into mainstream society and policies that provide opportunities for people with disabilities to live meaningful lives. I will keep Jasmine in my prayers. Please keep in touch.

Sincerely, A
Tom A. Coburn, M.D.
United States Senator


sick day

I’m home with youngest daughter today. Her morning blood sugar reading was 347. The goal is to stay between 80 and 150. Typical morning readings are around 100.

She did a correction bolus and is back in bed asleep. She’s been complaining of headaches, a sore throat and has sinus drainage for a couple of days. Since there’s no fever we’re in the monitoring mode, which consists of checking temperature and blood sugar levels every 2 hours, keeping in touch with the endocrinology team and making sure she doesn’t get dehydrated.

Sophie’s smile

I’ve been trying to get it for weeks and finally today, a good shot! :)See how her little nose is wrinkled up and her teeth are showing? I think she’s so cute!

big game?

Today, I had an email with this as the subject line:

Recipes for Big Game!

Great!, I thought.  If some of these recipes look good, I’ll share with Dad since he and Mom are always cooking venison, turkey and catfish.

I opened the email and saw recipes for nachos, dips, finger foods.  For THE BIG GAME.. The SuperBowl.  Duh.   Not big game (elk, deer, etc.).

Yes, I’m a dork.  I can admit it.

Dad got a good laugh out of it.  Well, as good of a laugh as you can get when you’re sick with a sore throat and a cough.

middle school kids stink like skunks

when they’re mean to my kid.

My 11 yr old (youngest) daughter said that some kids at school called her fat.  She’s not, at all.  She’s just right on the height/weight chart. She also says she has no good friends at school and that the kids are mean to her because she has diabetes.  Her best friends from elementary school are at a different middle school because of the way the neighborhoods are zoned.  I’m considering requesting a transfer for 7th and 8th grades.  The other middle school is the same distance from our house and transferring might make life a little easier for her.  She’s got enough to deal with already, I think.

Daughter was crying as she told me this afternoon. It broke my heart. I wanted to charge up there and make those kids be nice. Of course, I cannot do that, so we had the talk about how kids who make fun of others usually feel badly about themselves and are making fun to make themselves feel better. We talked about how the mean kids often are just nice kids trying to act tough because they’re hurting inside. I know it doesn’t really help fix it, but maybe it will give her strength. I didn’t know what else to say, so I went with that – the first thing that came to mind.

Being a parent is so hard. Some days bring so much joy that my heart could burst. Other days bring equally as much pain and my heart is broken. As I watch them struggle to grow up and learn to make their way, I hope that the lessons I’ve taught and mistakes I’ve shared will help them make good choices and carry them through the hard times.

pin cushion

This pin cushion has been at Granny’s house for as long as I can remember.

When my sisters and I helped Aunt M. make little ribbon roses the little bears Aunt M. designed/made, we kept the needles (with the top of the eye cut off) that we used for spinning the roses in this hen pin cushion.

When I saw the hen, I had to get a photo.

“When you look me in the eyes”

This video has been viewed at my house 999,997 times (yes, I’m exaggerating a little) since Friday night when it premiered on The Disney Channel: The Jonas Brothers, “When you look me in the eyes.”

This photo is of one of the many parts where the girls giggle and sigh a lot.


What cute smiling faces!

DD11 spent the night with cousins (ages 9 & 4) and Mollie (one year old).

decorating the town red

I was in the town where Mom and Dad live and noticed these holiday decorations. It’s almost time to hang some hearts on them and call them Valentine decorations.


This doll was Aunt E.’s. It has a chest of clothes that go with it. I’m not sure how old it is.

dinner plans

When driving home today, Miss T. and I were talking about dinner.  I told her that I was making spaghetti for dinner.  She said that she likes most of the things that her mom (my sister) makes, especially “ravi-oily.”

It seems that ravi-oily  is quite yummy.  I was told that I should buy some because my kids will probably like it.

She then told me that when her mom makes chili, she makes a lot of it and gives Miss T. seven tablespoons of chili to eat.  Everyone else only gets six tablespoons.  Miss T. thinks that her mom probably thinks she’s really hungry after playing all day and that’s why she gets one more tablespoon.

I’m having a hard time imagining serving dinner with tablespoons as serving spoons.  🙂


Today, a dollar I had said, “To you, from me,” with a heart at the end. If it wasn’t wrong to deface money, I’d have written, “Thanks, Shug,” on it. 🙂

I know… not a clear photo.

23 January 2008

Today, a dollar I had said, “To you, from me,” with a heart at the end. If it wasn’t wrong to deface money, I’d have written, “Thanks, Shug,” on it. 🙂

I know… not a clear photo.