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We’ve been home again today. DD11’s blood sugar came down through the night last night. She was just under 300 this morning with low ketones. I was actually up and ready to go to work when she ran to the bathroom and began dry heaving. Mom had said that she’d stay home with her, but I felt that I needed to be here with her. I would have been no good at work. Mom will stay with her tomorrow if she’s mostly over the virus but still needs to be home. I’m worried about Dad and Mom getting sick.

DD11 was in bed for most of the morning. She was exhausted. We were up every 2 hours all night checking blood sugar and trying to check ketones (without success most times).

DD11’s blood sugar was up and down all day today. We’ve upped her basal insulin rate (the amount her pump gives her each hour – in small doses every few minutes), but this afternoon she was back over 400 with ketones between 80 & 160 – in the large category on the little color chart that comes with the urine test strips.

Each time I speak with the doctor on call (when her ketones are high, I’ve been directed to call in), they just tell me to do her correction factor (an insulin injection) and check again in 2 hours. I guess as long as I keep them posted and keep checking her numbers, it will eventually work itself out of her system.

The diabetes educator seemed to think this might be driven by pre-puberty along with the stomach virus. If this is what we’ve got to look forward to with puberty, I’ll just say right now, “YUCK!”

I’m thankful that my children are generally healthy children. These are DD11’s first sick days since her diagnosis last December.

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