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sick day

I was home from work yesterday with DD11. Cough, cold, fever. Today she went to school, but called around 11:30am after throwing up twice (she was sent back to class after calling me to pick her up, by the way, but that’s another post for a different day).

My dad picked her up from school and brought her home (he & Mom live about 15 minutes away from the school & I work 40 minutes away) and I came right home. When Dad was with DD11, her blood sugar was 189 (goal range is 80-150), so I told him it was ok for him to go home (didn’t want him to get what she’s got if she’s contagious).

DD11 had thrown up 4 times by the time I got home, her blood sugar was up to 521 and her ketones were moderate-to-high (between 80 & 100). I called the Endocrinology emergency pager. The doctor on call told me to change out her pump site, give her an injection of insulin to bring her blood sugar back down and let her have diet sprite/7-up and chicken noodle soup if she wants it. We have to check ketones and blood sugar again in 2 hours and call back with numbers. DD11 drank all the liquid from 2 bowls of chicken noodle soup but was scared to eat the noodles. Maybe she’ll be up to trying it again in a little bit. She keeps saying that she’s hungry.

She’s now laying on a sleeping mat on the living room floor & half-watching “School of Rock.”

It’s her first “sick day” since being diagnosed with diabetes & I sort of freaked out when her blood sugar got up so high. I was almost in tears, driving home, needing to stop somewhere to get diet sprite & chicken noodle soup (because of course, we’d run out after yesterday). I was almost in tears, my stomach was in knots, I was really worried about her. I still am, but it’s easier since I’m now home with her and can see her.

We’re to call the Doctor on call at 3pm and report her current blood sugar and ketone levels.


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DD11 checked her blood sugar & ketones at 3pm – still really high – blood sugar 472 and high ketones. Called Dr. on call – did another correction insulin injection.

At 5pm, she checked again – coming down – blood sugar 311 and low to moderate ketones.
Called Dr. on call – another correction insulin injection.

Will be checking blood sugar again at 7pm, 9pm, 1am & 5am. I don’t have to call the Dr. on call again unless she starts vomiting again or her numbers get wonky. As it is, she’s heading in the right direction with her numbers and she seems to be feeling a lot better. The doctor said she can go to school tomorrow if no more vomiting overnight.

She’s eating dinner right now and seems to be handling it well so far.
It is scary how fast the balance can be thrown off. I’m glad my dad was nearby and that I could get home quickly.

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  1. How scary! My mom had Type II Diabetes and I remember how bad she would feel when her numbers were out of whack! So glad she’s doing better!
    In His Love and Blessings,

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