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When we got to the bed and breakfast (about half an hour away from Niagara Falls, Ontario), Chrissie and I saw a commercial for Buckley’s Cough medicine. The commercial had a bunch of big burly looking guys who were practically crying from the horrible taste of the cough medicine. We don’t have Buckley’s here and giggled about that commercial a lot.

Later, when we were out to dinner, we decided to go in a grocery store for a box of Kleenex for Chrissie. She’d been battling a cold and cough for several days. The only cough medicine in the store was right by the Kleenex boxes and it was… ta da! Buckley’s!

Of course, we had to get it. A lady who was in line at the cash register told Chrissie that her husband swears by Buckley’s. Actually, the whole weekend, people told us how Buckley’s tastes really awful but works great. Just like the commercial says. Tastes awful. Works great.

When Chrissie tried the Buckley’s, I had my camera ready and had her hold the Buckley’s bottle in her hand in case we decided later to send in her photos to Buckley’s. 🙂

Buckley’s can be ordered at the Granville Wellness website.

Mom, Chrissie and I all brought home Buckley’s cough syrup and Buckley’s Jack and Jill (for children).

DD11 has had a cold/cough/stuffy-runny nose/sore throat for the past few days. Although she hates the taste, she now asks for Buckley’s when she’s coughing a lot because it works so well and she can sleep all night with no coughing.

I think I will always keep a bottle on hand.

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3 Responses

  1. Okay, I have to ask . . . what is the alcohol content? Love the pictures!
    In His Love and Blessings,

  2. Ha! No alcohol, no sugar, no artificial flavors. I guess that’s why it tastes so bad. It has none of the junk that so many medicines have.

  3. I could really use some Buckley’s right about now… 😦

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