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Today I used some of my weekly points allowance…. so I’m trying to not let myself feel like I was cheating. The points are there to be used sometimes, right?

Tomorrow morning is my first WW meeting. I’ll be there bright and early, getting registered and weighing in. I cannot wait! 🙂

I was thinking about this today…
Want to know what sparked me to begin this journey again?

My closet has sliding doors – mirrored doors – that cover one wall of my bedroom. Last Saturday I was sitting on my bed, looked up and wondered who that fat lady in the mirror was. After a second, I realized it was me. Ick! That fat lady does not look like I feel. That look did it. I found my WW books and decided to start the next morning. No looking back.

And here I am.

Friday, 26 October 2007
Food Pts total
B-wrap with turkey, cheese, mustard 4 4
S-coffee mixed with cocoa 2 6
S-cheese stick 2 8
S-chex mix (2/3 cup) 2 10
L-wrap (one point tortilla, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, dressing) 7 17
L-chocolate delight 5 22
D-Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich 11 33
D-medium fries 10 43
Totals 43
Day 6 in Week – Weekly Points Remaining (of 35): 16
Check off your waters ??????
Activity Log
Coming soon…

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2 Responses

  1. I lost 30 lbs and then got lazy and let myself gain 18 back. Sigh.

    Back to the drawing board.

    Good luck with WW!!

  2. You go girl! Just remember that it’s the quality of what you eat that’s important. Once you train your body to eat low fat, it won’t want to go back.

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