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I’m leaving, on a jet plane…

to Canada!

Mom, Chrissie and I are set to fly out of OKC tomorrow afternoon, arrive in Toronto at 11:00pm tomorrow night, and return on Sunday.

I’ve not ever been to Toronto and am so excited. We’ll also be visiting Niagra Falls.

I’ll have photos to share when I get back… and daily points/food journals to post (yes, I’ll be tracking points even when out of the country).

See you soon!

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this ‘n that

When I weighed in on Saturday morning at WW, I was down 5.8 pounds from last Sunday when I started eating the WW way. Yay me! I was so excited. Still am, actually. 🙂


Today, a coworker said, “You know, if you drink too much water, it can cause confusion.”


I guess the body can have problems if we drink too much water, but I think it would have to be measured amounts of multiple gallons.


Today, I called an insurance company where representatives generally give their first and last names. It’s not a dinky insurance company where everyone goes by the name Sue Blue. Anyway, the guy who answered told me his name is South Central Miro.

I cannot begin to imagine what his parents were thinking.


Bon Jovi will be in Oklahoma City on April 15! YIPPEE!


Monday, 29 October 2007
Food Pts
3/34 c honey nut cheerios w/ milk & banana 2
coffee mixed with cocoa 4
ham sandwich w/ mustard 2
cheese stick, chips (ruffles light), grape tomatoes 3
progresso soup 0
now and later candy 2
peach 1
cheese stick 2
1/2 c rice 3
stir fry w/ chicken and shrimp 6
tortilla chips w/ salsa 1
Totals 30
Daily Activity Log

coming soon…

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Sunday, 28 October 2007
Food Pts
beans & beef nachos 8
1 c milk w/ 3/4 c honey nut cheerios 4
zucchini/pasta sauce/mozz cheese 3
5 wheat toasteds crackers w/ 1 wedge laughing cow cheese 3
ham sandwich 3
light ruffles 1
grape tomatoes & baby dill pickles 0
fudge pop 0
2 english muffins 2
hb pattie 4
baked tostitos w/ salsa 1
Totals 29
Daily Activity Log

coming soon…

Saturday, 27 October 2007
Food Pts
Red Beans (no rice) 3
10 tortilla chips (not baked) 3
turkey sandwich 4
light ruffles 1
vegetable soup 2.5
grape tomatoes, baby dill pickles 0
baked tostitos & salsa 1
fudge pop 0
beans/cheese/beef nachos 8
Totals 23.5
Daily Activity Log

coming soon…

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Today I used some of my weekly points allowance…. so I’m trying to not let myself feel like I was cheating. The points are there to be used sometimes, right?

Tomorrow morning is my first WW meeting. I’ll be there bright and early, getting registered and weighing in. I cannot wait! 🙂

I was thinking about this today…
Want to know what sparked me to begin this journey again?

My closet has sliding doors – mirrored doors – that cover one wall of my bedroom. Last Saturday I was sitting on my bed, looked up and wondered who that fat lady in the mirror was. After a second, I realized it was me. Ick! That fat lady does not look like I feel. That look did it. I found my WW books and decided to start the next morning. No looking back.

And here I am.

Friday, 26 October 2007
Food Pts total
B-wrap with turkey, cheese, mustard 4 4
S-coffee mixed with cocoa 2 6
S-cheese stick 2 8
S-chex mix (2/3 cup) 2 10
L-wrap (one point tortilla, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, dressing) 7 17
L-chocolate delight 5 22
D-Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich 11 33
D-medium fries 10 43
Totals 43
Day 6 in Week – Weekly Points Remaining (of 35): 16
Check off your waters ??????
Activity Log
Coming soon…

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Today I was starving all day long. I had pains in my stomach for what seemed like most of the day and felt like a bottomless pit was inside me.

All. Day. Long.

Oh well, maybe that means I was burning off some fat!

I’m really looking forward to signing up with WW on Saturday, having my official weigh-in and attending a meeting.

Thursday, 25 October 2007
Food DU
2 slices bread 2
1 tbsp peanut butter 2
1 tbsp jelly 1
coffee mixed with cocoa 2
1/2 cup coffee mixed with cocoa 1
cake with icing (1/3 slice) 3
cheese stick 2
grape tomatoes 0
red beans & rice 6
salad with dressing 1
cheese stick 2
red beans (no rice) 3
1/2 serving spaghetti w/ sauce 4
Totals 29
Daily Activity Log

coming soon…

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diabetes in the news

I just read an article titled,

“Activists Fight to Rewrite Disability Act,”
by Joseph Shapiro

at npr.org. It’s about a Wal-Mart pharmacist in Nebraska who was fired because he is diabetic. He wears an insulin pump like DD(age11) does. I’m appalled that things like this are still going on.

Discrimination because the man has diabetes and needs to eat his lunch all at one time (when his insulin bolus is at work) and not grab bites to eat between customers? Really? Is the Wal-Mart store manager(or whoever the pharmacist’s boss is) from the dark ages? Good grief.

I support the work that the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) are doing to educate the public and to find a cure for Type I Diabetes. Hopefully my daughter will not ever be discriminated against like this.

Read the article here and let me know what you think.

Do you want to write a letter to a Senator or Representative to ask for support of the ADA Restoration Act? Look here for the list of Senators and Representatives by state. The ones who are in bold type are already co-sponsors of the act.

Edit: I’ve written letters to all the Senators and Representatives from Oklahoma. Would you consider writing to those from your state if you live in the United States? Thanks!

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