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Thursday Thirteen #48

thirteen thoughts

1. It’s been good to be back at work this week.
2. The past six weeks I was home recovering from a hysterectomy.
3. I think I said, “I’m much better, thanks! Good to see you too!” more on Monday than I ever have in my life.
4. It’s been good to get caught up with everyone at work again.
5. After working with people for several years, day in-day out, it was strange to not see them every day.
6. I’m glad that Chrissie is working with me. Well, not with me, but at the same company.
7. It’s fun to ride to and from work with her and Mom.
8. It’s nice to have time to visit with no interruptions (children).
9. I’m exhausted.
10. I thought that not taking naps for the past couple of weeks would help, but it hasn’t as much as I’d hoped.
11. Life has been much easier this week with dinners already planned out and mostly prepared ahead of time.
12. The kids have not been fans of most of the new recipes I’ve tried.
13. I’ll have them help me pick recipes and plan the “do ahead” cooking next time.

Many thanks to AnaMaria at the JohnnyDeppZone for the photo.

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  1. mmmm, did you say anything after that header? If so, I didn’t notice…I was drooling and dazed 😉

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