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Tonight it begins.

High school football, that is.

Tonight, 14 yr old daughter will play at her first high school football game. I’m so looking forward to seeing her! I have such good memories of playing in the band, marching, contests, practicing, the friendships that were formed and lessons learned.

Every Friday night that there’s a home game or away game nearby, you know where we’ll be!

As far as I can remember, my parents attended every single football game that I marched in. Sometimes, Mom would leave and take my sisters home after half-time, but I could always count on them being there. Dad sometimes missed during hunting season, but only if he was out of state. I remember my grandparents coming to the games too. They’d just come for half-time and then leave.

I think my family will be attending quite a few of DD’s games, but I will be at every home game and the away games that are close by.

12 yr old DS has decided to play basketball afterall. He’d almost decided to not play because of his dad (played highschool, college and semi-pro basketball). I reminded him that no one here knows his dad, they just know him and they’ll be looking at him playing and nothing else. I guess he decided that this is what counts because now he is excited about playing.

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