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perseverance is key, or something like that my plans have been foiled…


After posting this, I thought I’d give it one more go. I dug out a different phone book, found a listing for a different store, called and HOLD THE PHONES! they have 2 basic bicycle repair books in stock! I’ll be going over to pick one up in a bit – before the rest of Oklahoma City figures it out & snaps them up!

It seems that bicycle repair is not a popular thing to do in the Oklahoma City area. Maybe because everyone travels by car, truck or bus around here. This is really not a bike-friendly community, in my opinion.

So, either that biking is not popular enough to warrant having a book in stock or no one is nerdy (like me) and needs a book to help them figure out what to do to repair their bike.

I’ve called the bicycle repair shop and 6 bookstores. None of them have a single book about bicycle repair. One of the bookstores has a book about motorcycle repair, but that doesn’t really apply here.

I’ll order a book, since all the online bookstores have about a million different book titles listed.

Looks like we’ll be visiting the full-service gas station after all in the next day or so.

Now if I can just get these wheels off the bikes!

Update: Got the book! Now we can learn to fix these flats. Can’t you hear my children cheering in the background?


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