• August 2007
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bicycle repair

My kids have flat tires on their bicycles (each bike has one flat).

I called around and found a full-service gas station that will repair the flats at no charge if I take the wheels off the bikes and bring them in with a new tube.

I have decided, though, that changing a flat on a bike is a good skill to have. I’ve called around and cannot find a bike shop that has repair classes. I was thinking that I’d sign us up and take the kids, the bikes and attend a class… or two.. or three. The bike shops have repair books for sale and said that the best way to learn is with a good book and a basic set of tools.

So, I’m off to the used book store to search for the recommended book(s).

This holiday weekend, my children and I will be learning the fine art of changing a tire and routine maintenance of a bicycle.

The kids will think it’s terrible, I’m sure, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s a skill they need and something I’d like to know more about.

Of course, if worse comes to worse and we absolutely cannot do it, I’ll take them to the full-service gas station and let them do it, but that’s a last resort.

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