• August 2007
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Jack of all trades…

yet, master of none.

Now I can add, “roofing experience,” to my resume. I must get it updated! ha!

A few days ago, Mom and Dad sent Jazzie’s doghouse home with me for Smokey. It previously had a corrugated metal roof, but it had gotten damaged and was removed, leaving only a wooden roof.

I was worried about the wood rotting (rain), so Dad sent me home with roofing shingles and a glue gun holder/dispenser thing. I went to Home Depot, got roofing cement and a utility knife (feeling like I was completely out of my element), came home and got to work.

My big stapler (5/16″ staples) did not work for holding the shingles (in addition to the roofing cement), so I used small nails to tack the shingles after gluing them in place.

I am proud of myself for getting this done and happy that Mr. Beware of Dog Smokey has a place to get out of the rain when he’s out in the backyard while we’re gone.

This is one of my favorite photos of Smokey that I may have posted previously. I cannot remember and don’t feel like going back to look.

Anyway, I love the irony of it. This sign was on the fence when we bought the house. The previous owners had a Pekingese, another breed that’s quite tough and scary, huh?

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2 Responses

  1. Looks like a great roofing job and I love the picture of the “attack” dog! I was just over at Julie’s blog and saw her post on the once a month cooking. I did that one weekend and actually got about six meals done on a Saturday morning. You have both inspired me to try it again!
    In His Love and blessings,

  2. rmwwfpz011xy57oc

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