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updates: me, Smokey and the 504 plan

I went for my 3 week post-surgery check-up yesterday afternoon. All is well. Stitches are healing, less spotting, have lost 15 pounds since pre-op appointment the Monday before surgery.

Dr. W told me that I had adenomyosis. That diagnosis explains a lot of things. I was in pain all the time & feel better now than I can remember feeling after having the kids.

Since yesterday afternoon, our little Chihuahua, Smokey, has been sleeping a lot, not playing like he normally does, and had a warm nose. This morning, I noticed that his whole body was warm. I called the vet and took him in around 11:30 today.

The vet just called and wanted to know if there are any female dogs around who are in heat. She said that Smokey does not have a fever and that I probably picked him up right after he’d been sleeping and his body may have been warm from that. She said that wanting to “meet” female dogs could be the problem, or it could be that he misses the kids during the day when they’re in school, but that he doesn’t have a virus or bacterial infection of any kind. She’s updating his shots and is checking for heartworms so I can start him on preventive medication. I’ll pick him up in about 2 hours.

He was one year old in April 2007 and we got him in May 2007. I’ve not ever had a boy dog before that lived in the house, so I had no idea that hormones could effect them like that.

Good grief. I guess either I’m not very good company when the kids are gone or he wants a doggy girlfriend or both.

I’m going to get his appointment for neutering scheduled when I pick him up.

504 plan:
This afternoon, I met with DD’s school counselor, the head principal, the school nurse and DD’s teachers (except orchestra director, he’s at a different campus and the nurse will meet with him separately) about her diabetes management plan. They’ve all been given (by the nurse) information sheets about DD’s needs that I filled out before school started that included symptoms of high and low blood sugar, my contact numbers, and what to do if she has low or high blood sugar or if she is not able to care for herself.

We went over everything together and now DD has a plan in place called the Individual Health Services Plan for EPSDT School-Based Services. The principal said that I don’t need a 504 plan since I have this plan in place for DD and since the nurse and I have met with all of DD’s teachers.

I’m going to ask Auntie Crunch about the 504 since she’s a counselor in a school in TX and is over the 504 plans for her school. She knows a lot about this & can guide me a little. From what I’ve been told, DD does need one but school personnel sometimes don’t want to give them for students with diabetes.

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  1. Glad your checkup went so well and congrats on the 15 lbs! Poor Smokey – I’ve never had a male dog in the house either. I tend to choose females because . . well, they just don’t seem to like your legs so much! Anyway, hope you’re able to figure out if he’s lonely or if the surgery will fix him. I’ve never heard of a 504 plan. What is it? I saw on Julie’s blog about your mom – I’m praying for her and believing that the news she gets will be good news.

  2. Thanks Ann! I think most of that 15 pounds was my super huge bowling ball of a uterus. Thank goodness it’s gone! 🙂

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