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the ex and the underwear head guy

Today XH called to talk about when he could see the kids before he goes to school. He’s been off work for the past month. He said he’s leaving to drive to GA on Thursday & that he’ll just stop in to see the kids then. When I told him that I’m having surgery on Thursday & that the kids will not be here for a few days (when I’m in the hospital for at least one night & for a day or two after I get home). He said that he remembered I’m having surgery then & that he guesses he just won’t be able to see them before he goes to school.

I said, something like, “Haven’t you been off work for the past month?”

When he said he has been off work for that length of time and started making excuses, I said that I thought it was clear what his priorities are by his actions. Then I said, Talk to you later, have a good time at school and got off the phone.

Right after that, I looked over to the car in the next lane. I had to look twice because I thought I was imagining it. The guy driving had shoulder length hair, dark brown, sort of curly at the ends and was driving with his window down. He had a pair of white mens (or boys) underwear on his head. Briefs. I could see the leg holes. He had the waistband pulled down by his eyebrows. It was hilarious! I had to be careful to not drive into the wrong lane.

I wonder what that guy was thinking?

Maybe he thought, “I just don’t like my hair today, so I’ll wear a hat. Oh no! I cannot find a hat. Here’s some underwear (and oh goodie! it’s clean!). I’ll just wear that instead.”

It reminded me of how this guy wears his stocking caps (only not as cute):

I’d surely have run off the road if it truly was this guy!

3 Responses

  1. How long do they think you’ll have to stay in the hospital? I’ll be praying that things go well and for those taking care of you.
    It’s a shame X’s can’t get a clue, but instead continue to show why they are indeed an X! I hope your kiddos are okay with everything. I’m sure they know, too, that his list of priorities does not put them at the top, but I hope it’s not something that hurts them! You seem to me such a great mom and I think that’s the most important thing in a kid’s life anyway!

  2. Thanks, Ann. My doctor is anticipating only an overnight stay. I’m glad. 🙂

    The kids are not disappointed. I usually don’t tell them about my conversations with him because I know things like that (him not having time to see them) will only hurt them.

  3. Wearing ones tidy whities on one’s head is cetainly a statement.

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