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We got…

our Harry Potter books! I was walking out of the mall with books in (DD11’s) hand by 12:20am. DS12 is reading the book first. DD13 is listening to the audio book first. We have Mom’s copy of the book, but we’re not going to read it. She’ll be back in the country on Wednesday & we’ll have it waiting for her in pristine condition.

I’ve told DS12 that he needs to either be finished or to a stopping point by Thursday because I’m taking it with me to the hospital to read (if I feel like it) when I’m waiting to go home on Friday.

Tonight at the bookstore/mall was really fun. They had a Potter spelling bee, a Great Snape Debate: Friend or Foe?, a costume contest, face painting, mask decorating, Snape Snape Potter (like Duck Duck Goose), Snape Bingo, trivia contests and tons of other fun things to do.

I enjoy people watching as much as I enjoy Harry Potter, so I was quite a happy one tonight.

If you’re reading book 7 this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time. I’ll be catching up with you next weekend. 🙂

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