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appointment tomorrow

When I was talking with Mom this afternoon, I told her that my insides feel like they’re going to fall out if I’m standing up, walking or sitting up for a few minutes. She remembers feeling like this after childbirth, like I do, but said she thought I should call the doctor just to make sure it’s ok after 5 days to still feel like this.

So I did. I asked the nurse. She called back & said that the doctor wants me to see the nurse practitioner tomorrow afternoon.

finished it…

but don’t really remember the last few chapters. I was on chapter 25 or so before my surgery. I didn’t read anymore until very early Sunday morning. I had thought that I’d read the book when I was in the hospital waiting to be released. I was wrong. I was in too much pain to even hold the book and couldn’t focus my eyes to read until the anesthesia was out of my system a bit.

When I woke in the wee hours of Sunday morning and couldn’t go back to sleep, I thought I’d try reading for a bit. I was taking medicine for pain and nausea round the clock still at that time, so I must have read without retaining it.

I remember thinking that I liked the ending. I remember feeling happy as I put the book down beside my pillow and drifted off to sleep. I don’t remember any details, though. Maybe I should re-read those chapters.


I had the surgery on Thursday afternoon. It was a 2 hour procedure. I’m now minus one large uterus. My doctor said a healthy uterus is the size of a small lime. My unhealthy uterus was the size of a large grapefruit. Ick! I’m thankful to be rid of the IV & Foley catheter. Those are not things I hope to have again. I’m still sore from both of them.

After 24 hours, I was released, feeling like I’d been run over by a train. I stayed at Mom & Dad’s house from Friday until Monday. It was nice to have them there & to not have to think about the needs of my children. I slept most of the time, aside from the early Saturday morning (3am to 5am) bout of nausea & vomiting that had us calling the doctor for different pain medication & a script for nausea medication.

Now I’m home. I feel a lot better. Coming home was exhausting. Having to think about the needs of my children while dealing with the pain & weakness and needing to rest was almost overwhelming.

I look forward to healing & feeling a little better each day.

the ex and the underwear head guy

Today XH called to talk about when he could see the kids before he goes to school. He’s been off work for the past month. He said he’s leaving to drive to GA on Thursday & that he’ll just stop in to see the kids then. When I told him that I’m having surgery on Thursday & that the kids will not be here for a few days (when I’m in the hospital for at least one night & for a day or two after I get home). He said that he remembered I’m having surgery then & that he guesses he just won’t be able to see them before he goes to school.

I said, something like, “Haven’t you been off work for the past month?”

When he said he has been off work for that length of time and started making excuses, I said that I thought it was clear what his priorities are by his actions. Then I said, Talk to you later, have a good time at school and got off the phone.

Right after that, I looked over to the car in the next lane. I had to look twice because I thought I was imagining it. The guy driving had shoulder length hair, dark brown, sort of curly at the ends and was driving with his window down. He had a pair of white mens (or boys) underwear on his head. Briefs. I could see the leg holes. He had the waistband pulled down by his eyebrows. It was hilarious! I had to be careful to not drive into the wrong lane.

I wonder what that guy was thinking?

Maybe he thought, “I just don’t like my hair today, so I’ll wear a hat. Oh no! I cannot find a hat. Here’s some underwear (and oh goodie! it’s clean!). I’ll just wear that instead.”

It reminded me of how this guy wears his stocking caps (only not as cute):

I’d surely have run off the road if it truly was this guy!

It’s a reading sort of day

DD13 has been reading the Harry Potter book today instead of listening to the audio book. She’s on chapter 24.

DS12 is planning to start reading again when DD13 is finished. He’ll probably listen to the audio book tonight if she’s not finished the book yet. He doesn’t like to listen to audio books during the day – only when he’s lying down at night.

We got…

our Harry Potter books! I was walking out of the mall with books in (DD11’s) hand by 12:20am. DS12 is reading the book first. DD13 is listening to the audio book first. We have Mom’s copy of the book, but we’re not going to read it. She’ll be back in the country on Wednesday & we’ll have it waiting for her in pristine condition.

I’ve told DS12 that he needs to either be finished or to a stopping point by Thursday because I’m taking it with me to the hospital to read (if I feel like it) when I’m waiting to go home on Friday.

Tonight at the bookstore/mall was really fun. They had a Potter spelling bee, a Great Snape Debate: Friend or Foe?, a costume contest, face painting, mask decorating, Snape Snape Potter (like Duck Duck Goose), Snape Bingo, trivia contests and tons of other fun things to do.

I enjoy people watching as much as I enjoy Harry Potter, so I was quite a happy one tonight.

If you’re reading book 7 this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time. I’ll be catching up with you next weekend. 🙂

tattoo & bracelet

Here’s my Harry Potter tattoo and the bracelet
I was given this morning when I went to register at
the bookstore where I reserved my copy of
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

They’ll begin calling in groups of people by bracelet color
at the stroke of midnight, when Friday turns to Saturday.

I cannot wait to hear Jim Dale narrating this book.
He’s a wonderfully talented reader. My children have
fallen asleep many a night to the sound of his voice
reading Harry Potter books.