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unbelievable and sad

This article is so sad. I guess the general public is really not aware of signs & symptoms of diabetes.

I know I was not aware before it effected my family. I guess most people tend to be that way.

You’d think that companies dealing with the public would make sure their employees knew to look for other causes before jumping to the conclusion that a passenger is drunk, to at least consider that it could be a medical problem before putting a man off the train in the middle of a forest.

DD11 has an id card that states,

“I have diabetes.
If my behavior is peculiar (appear intoxicated)
or I am unconscious, it may be a reaction to the
insulin. I am not intoxicated.
Call 911 for assistance.”

It goes on to list other information and has spaces for her doctor’s emergency phone number and my phone number.

I wonder if the Amtrack passenger had an id card like this. I wonder if anyone bothered to check.

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  1. That really is a sad story! Why in the world would they drop someone off – even if they weren’t ill – in the middle of a forest?! My Mom had Type II diabetes for 15 years and of those years, she was insulin dependent for 10. My oldest brother was recently diagnosed with it as well. It’s a disease that takes over your life and I can’t imagine how your little DD11 handles it! At least my Mom and my brother were grown before they had to start dealing with the constant testing and medication and diet that goes along with it!
    It really is a shame that more people aren’t aware of how it can mimic other conditions!

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