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JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

As many of you will remember, this past December, at age 10, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes (also known as juvenile diabetes).

She is required to check her blood sugar level by pricking her finger 5-6 times each day. Because she now wears an insulin pump, my daughter only has to infuse a needle into her skin once every three days. Prior to using a pump, she had to take 6-8 shots of insulin a day. She must count every carbohydrate she consumes and dose herself for everything she eats and a lot of what she drinks. The worst part, though, is that this disease carries with it the risk of life-threatening complications like kidney disease and coronary disease, not to mention the future possibility of neuropathy.

Diabetes is now part of my daughter’s every day life. Her pre-teen vocabulary includes words like hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis. To this point, she has endured over 1,000 finger pricks and 800 shots and infusion sets. Insulin is not a cure, though. It is merely life support.

Our family wants to do everything we can to help find a cure for this disease, so my kids and I have decided to join JDRF and help find a cure for diabetes. On Saturday, June 2, 2007, we will participate in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Would you consider sponsoring our family?
If so, click here to make an online donation.

Thanks so much for helping us find a cure!

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