• May 2007
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going flying today?

Most of the time I hear and see common surnames like Smith, Jones, Baker and Watson. Once in a while I come across an unusual name. Today I saw the name Flyingout. I am curious about how that name came to be. Baker most likely originated from someone who was a baker. Johnson, from some one who was the son of John. How would the name Flyingout have originated? “Honey, I’m going to try flying out of this tree.” I have a mental picture in a kite-like suit attempting flight because in my mind this name came before airplanes did.

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  1. Hi Natalie,
    This article came in our newsletter, OUMC Voice, at work today – thought you might be interested in posting it on your blog!

    “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Walk at the Zoo
    The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) WALK AT THE ZOO to CURE DIABETES is schedule for JUNE 2 with registration at the Zoo Amphitheater. Donations are being accepted through their web site: http://www.walk.jdrf.org, or by one of the JDRF team captains, Marilyn Murphy, Dinah Sanchez, Robert Decker, Jeanne Ozinga, Margaret Herrera or you can support any of the walkers listed on the website. Just enter OU MEDICAL CENTER in the team name. OUMC T-shirts will be available with your donation of $20 or more, but sizes are limited. Notify Nancy Lesher of the size you need. This year, the OUMC fundraising efforts are being dedicated to the grandson of one of our fellow HCA employees, Chuck Abeyta, from the Denver office. Michael was 18 when he went into a diabetic coma in January of last year, and did not survive. Diabetes is more than an inconvenience. Please support JDRF with your donation.”

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