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I’ve been tagged by Ann over at Each Day is a Gift to list 8 facts about myself or 8 habits that I have. I was also tagged by my sister Julie to list 7 facts/things things about myself. So I’ll make it easy & combine them. All of you lucky readers will get to read 15 things about me.. if I can think of that many.

1. I’m currently at home with 6 children. My three, a niece and 2 little girls from DD10’s class.

2. They’re watching the dvd that came with DD10’s High School Musical in concert cd and squealing very loudly between singing all the words to every song.

3. DD10’s 11th birthday is tomorrow. We’re having her party tonight. She’s invited 3 people to come over & stay the night. Nephew9 is also having a friend over to stay the night tonight. It’s a good night for that.

4. Mr. Toad, a brown & tan toad about as big as my fist, lives on & near my front porch. I’m glad. He eats bugs.

5. I do not like plain coffee and don’t hold plain hot chocolate in high regard, but I really like hot chocolate made with coffee. I drink a cup almost every morning at work.

6. I’ve been trying to teach Dobby to whistle, “Row, row, row your boat,” but he’s not catching on. He just looks right at me & whistles, “Pop! goes the weasel.”

7. I’ve recently discovered fondant. I like using it for decorating cakes. The taste is not stellar, but the convenience outweighs that, in my opinion.

8. I really don’t like it when the kids use things of mine & don’t put them back. When I go to look for something & cannot find it where I know I put it, I start to feel a wee bit mad (as in crazy, not angry).

9. I recently discovered that stores around here don’t sell karaoke machines when it’s not the Christmas shopping season. You can, however find them online all year long.

10. My kids think it’s funny that I’m a Johnny Depp fan, but they’re not complaining that we’ll be at Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End on the day it opens.

11. I used to get sick to my stomach & almost pass out at the sight of a needle. Now it doesn’t phase me at all to give DD10 an injection.

12. My new favorite magazine (a recent discovery & subscription) is called THE WEEK. It’s full of news – the best of the U.S. and international news from the week. Recently, I’d begun to feel that I knew nothing of what was going on in the world. Since I’ve been reading this magazine, I know much more. It’s nice to feel competent in a conversation about current events again.

13. I rarely listen to music on my iPod. I tend to listen to podcasts. I like all sorts of podcasts, but tend to lean toward shows about personal finance, parenting and green living.

14. I read somewhere this past week that it’s beneficial to wash your face with honey. So I’ve tried it. Sounds really weird, I know, but my face feels really good!

15. I’m exhausted this week. I’ve had a lot going on in my head, lots of decisions to be made, information to be found, journeys ending and beginning. Even when I listed these thoughts in a notebook before bedtime, I still found myself staying up way too late. I’m hoping to get back on track now that the choices have been made and information has been gathered.

Wow! I found 15 things to ramble about.

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  1. Natalie,
    Thanks for participating! I love hot chocolate and coffee together, too! And I definitely agree with #8! When my girls were still at home that was really an issue! Now I only have my husband and my son – thankfully they don’t wear my clothes, shoes or use my make-up! I still walk into the kitchen behind them and find every cabinet door they have used standing wide open!

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