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I had so many things

that I wanted to blog about tonight, but those ideas will keep for another day.

Tonight, I’ve made things for the bake sale at work and all my plans for great blog content has flown away.

This is what I’m taking to the bake sale tomorrow:

Rice Krispie Treats
Blueberry Muffins
Chocolate Chip Muffins (Chrissie made the muffins)
Sugar Cookie People (like the photos below – Chrissie helped me get them all decorated)
Sugar Cookie Flowers & Butterflies
Chocolate Chip Cookies (double batch)
Sugar Cookies (round with plain white frosting)
Cupcakes (yellow with chocolate frosting)

Just looking at that list makes me tired all over again.

The amazing thing is that no matter what I’ve brought for fund raising or the bake sale table, it’s all been gone each day. Every single thing that I bake & bring. Completely gone.

I’m glad that the people I work with like homemade baked goods and, mostly, that they like to give to a good cause – supporting research to find a cure for type I diabetes.

bake sale

I’ve made cookies for the bake sale at work to raise money for the JDRF walk on Saturday, June 2.

Here are a few of my favorites.

I’ve had a lot of fun messing with these today. Chrissie brought over the sticks and made the frosting. Tomorrow we’re going to decorate more. I’ll be taking them to work on Wednesday.

Meet Smokey,

the newest member of our little family.

"Keep telling yourself that, darling."

We saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End on Oklahoma’s largest screen, the Cine Capri at Harkins Theatre. The screen is 70 feet by 30 feet.

What a great movie! I liked it better than the first two. Definitely will be seeing it again in the theater and buying it in December when it comes out on dvd.

We saw a guy dressed like Captain Jack from the wig & headscarf down to the pirate boots. DS12 had to work really hard to get his autograph. The first time DS asked for it, he had no pen. The second time, the pen had no ink. Finally, after the movie DS got his signature. He wrote, “Jack Sparrow,” on the ticket stub. DS is thrilled.

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

As many of you will remember, this past December, at age 10, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes (also known as juvenile diabetes).

She is required to check her blood sugar level by pricking her finger 5-6 times each day. Because she now wears an insulin pump, my daughter only has to infuse a needle into her skin once every three days. Prior to using a pump, she had to take 6-8 shots of insulin a day. She must count every carbohydrate she consumes and dose herself for everything she eats and a lot of what she drinks. The worst part, though, is that this disease carries with it the risk of life-threatening complications like kidney disease and coronary disease, not to mention the future possibility of neuropathy.

Diabetes is now part of my daughter’s every day life. Her pre-teen vocabulary includes words like hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis. To this point, she has endured over 1,000 finger pricks and 800 shots and infusion sets. Insulin is not a cure, though. It is merely life support.

Our family wants to do everything we can to help find a cure for this disease, so my kids and I have decided to join JDRF and help find a cure for diabetes. On Saturday, June 2, 2007, we will participate in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Would you consider sponsoring our family?
If so, click here to make an online donation.

Thanks so much for helping us find a cure!

in 48 hours…

we get to see
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on the big screen again.

Will you be there?

going flying today?

Most of the time I hear and see common surnames like Smith, Jones, Baker and Watson. Once in a while I come across an unusual name. Today I saw the name Flyingout. I am curious about how that name came to be. Baker most likely originated from someone who was a baker. Johnson, from some one who was the son of John. How would the name Flyingout have originated? “Honey, I’m going to try flying out of this tree.” I have a mental picture in a kite-like suit attempting flight because in my mind this name came before airplanes did.