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finding your pony

I saw this over at a blog that I enjoy, Mom to the Screaming Masses and began to think about the concept of finding my pony.

There were two boys who were the subject of an experiment. One was put into a room with every toy known to children. The other boy was put into a room full of horse manure. They were left alone for quite a while, and then the doctor conducting the experiment came to check on them. He found the boy who was in the room of toys, sitting on the side, looking dejected. When questioned, he said that the reason he was so upset was that there was no Nintendo DS in the room. That was his favorite toy. The doctor went to check on the second boy, and to his surprise, found him jumping around, dancing, singing, laughing and having a grand time. When questioned as to how he could possibly be so happy in a room filled with horse manure, he responded, “With this much horse manure, there MUST be a pony in here somewhere!”

Try to find the pony in your day.

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