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A shout out (to me)!

When I was listening to my favorite podcasters, Dori and Val over at More Hip than Hippie this past week, I got a big surprise!

Toward the end of most shows, they read listener emails. On episode #82, Val and Dori gave me a shout out for mentioning the podcast on my blog right before reading listener emails. Go me! (you can listen for yourself if you click on the link above & go to episode #82)

Really, it’s a great podcast. I’ve learned so many little things I can do to help the environment. Not big things that will break the bank. Things that are not hard to incorporate into my life. Things that I can do, as a single mom of three growing kids(preteens) to help the environment now & teach the kids to make good choices as they grow up & go out into the world.

You should all give them a listen. (go now!)

Here are a few examples of one change I’ve made:

This year, I’m using less plastic bags. I signed on for Big Ed’s plastic bag challenge & vowed to use half of what I used last year. So far so good. I have been using my own bags a lot of the time – or paper if it’s a choice. Plastic is the last resort these days.

Just a few minutes ago, a guy tried to bag a gallon of milk for me. I just smiled, grabbed the handle & said, “Less stuff for me to throw away with no bag hanging around, right?” He said, “I gotcha!” (and looked at me like I was a loon as I smiled & walked out of the store).

A few days ago, my kids thought I was nuts for loading our groceries directly into 2 cardboard boxes that I’ve been keeping in the trunk of the car instead of bagging them up inside the store (we shop at a grocery store that charges for bags) in our bags from home. When we got home, we brought in the boxes, unloaded the stuff and took the boxes back out to the trunk. No muss, no fuss.

(Go listen to Val & Dori!)

I have changed 9 lightbulbs so far to CFL’s. As lights burn out, I replace them with a CFL bulb. I feel good knowing that these bulbs are using less energy & producing less heat that standard bulbs. When I logged these lightbulbs on One Billion Bulbs dot com, it was neat to see how many others have changed out their light bulbs & logged in to report it. It’s inspiring to see how much money will be saved and how many bulbs have been changed out for CFL’s (and reported on the site) across the world.