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My nephew is here!

My sister Julie had her baby last night.

8 pounds, 20 inches.

Click here to see photos.

Congrats Julie & Corey!
Welcome William B!

if you don’t really want to know…

A lady at work was really upset this afternoon.
Today is her birthday. She asked someone to guess how old she is.

They guessed wrong (about 8 years older than she is).
She had her feelings hurt by their answer.

Why even ask such a question?

I’m not sure what possessed her to ask that. Good grief!

wrong century?

During a conversation with DD13 tonight about going to high school next year, I was asked, “Why couldn’t I have been born in the Middle Ages? Then all I’d have to learn would be to sew and dance!”


For almost 2 weeks now, I’ve been walking each morning at 5:30 with my sister Christina. She brings her little pomeranian Molly to walk along with us.

At first it was hard, as my right leg had an ache in the front muscle on the outside – not a shin splint. It has gotten better and aches less each day. I think it was just getting used to a new routine.

At first it was really hard to roll out of bed, get my shoes on & out the door so early. I now look forward to our morning walks.

This morning, Chrissie went to a class at the Y. I walked/ran with episode one of a runner’s podcast – From Couch Potato to 5K in 9 weeks.

I GoodSearch for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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Thinking Blogger Award

My sister Julie has given me the Thinking Blogger Award and now I get to name 5 bloggers whose blogs cause me to think. It took me a while to come up with my five. I kept going back & forth with them. I know it’s not that serious, but it was important to me that I chose blogs that mean something to me.

I check my two sisters’ blogs each day for updates about them & their families: Chrissie’s blog and Julie’s blog.

OK. Here we go:

1. Blunt Money. I’ve been on a journey to eliminate debt from my life, and reading this blog helps keep me on the path.

2. farnorthblog. Teflonjedi always has interesting thoughts.

3. The Amazing Shrinking Mom is a new find, but a favorite.

4. Carmen has begun a blog called The ELFF Diet to document how she lost 60 pounds over the past year. She’s got great, common-sense, tips.

5. MS Mom’s Money is a really good blog. She’s just posted about the money she’s paid off in the past year. Awesome!

This award has some rules:

If you are tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
Then proudly display the Thinking Blogger Award with a link to the post you wrote. There are two versions of the award:

Earth Day 2007

is tomorrow, April 22.

Many people will be focusing on finding ways to improve the Earth’s environment. Others recognized this holiday on the vernal equinox. Regardless of when you observe this day, preserving and using the earth’s resources wisely will ultimately help all of us the world over.

Sidenote: April 22 is also Oklahoma’s landrun day (1889).

I found several good articles at about.com about Earth Day, from an article on how Earth Day came to be and why there are two dates called Earth Day to an article on how one person can change the world and simple changes we all can implement to make a huge impact on the Earth.

What am I doing to help the Earth (besides blabbing on my blog about it)? I will list a few things…

**I’m cutting down on the use of plastic bags by using reusable cloth bags as much as possible.
**I’m using an electric lawn mower & weed eater to care for my lawn. I’d love to have a push mower (people power/effort only), but the electric mower was given to me, is user friendly, and is not as noisy as the gas mower I had several years ago.
**I’ve cut way down on the use of paper products in my home. I’m using less paper towels, no paper plates or paper napkins, no paper cups.
**I’m more careful about using water and electricity.
**I’ve switched to CFLs instead of traditional light bulbs for about 75% of the lights in my home. As the rest of the bulbs burn out, they will be replaced with CFLs.

A lot of these things I’ve learned from Dori and Val over at More Hip Than Hippie – have I mentioned their weekly podcast lately? Give them a listen. This week’s show on Organic Gardening is really a good one. Their archives are full of great tips on how to become more environmentally friendly in a relatively pain-free way.

What will you do to help the Earth?

I GoodSearch for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Raise money for your favorite charity or school just by searching the Internet with GoodSearch – www.goodsearch.com – powered by Yahoo!


can be used like any other search engine – the site is powered by Yahoo! – but each time you do, money is generated for JDRF.

Getting started is simple:

Go to www.goodsearch.com.

Type JDRF into the I support box and click on the verify button.

Then select Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. My chapter is not listed, so I picked the JDRF national headquarters.

You can keep track of the estimated earnings by clicking on amount raised once you designate them as your organization of choice. The more people who use the site, the more money they earn, so please spread the word!

This is an easy way to raise money for a great cause.