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100 Library Legends

This is Oklahoma’s centennial year. The Oklahoma Library Association has compiled a list of the top 100 contributors to Oklahoma libraries for the first century.

Here’s a link to the page. When you click on the words The Oklahoma Library Legends List, you will go to a list of 100 people/groups. My mom is one of those 100 Library Legends. How cool is that?

The 100 are being honored at a banquet downtown on April 2. Dad, Chrissie and I will be there. Julie is coming to the end of her pregnancy, so she is not able to attend, but will be there in spirit with us to honor Mom. I’m so excited about this – what an incredible honor for an absolutely amazing lady.

storms & tornadoes

We’ve got storms, high winds and flash flood warnings this afternoon. I’ve heard reports of a couple of twisters touching down around Oklahoma City. Loads of people north & northwest of Oklahoma City have no power right now.

I guess this means that storm season has begun.

countdown tickers

Many people find their way to my blog looking for the weight loss ticker that I put on my blog in 2005. It has been removed. However, I’ve made a few samples tickers for you to see.

Visit ticker factory dot com to make your own tickers for all occasions.

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Chrissie–

Happy Birthday to you!Myspace Happy Birthday Graphics

Today is my dear sister’s birthday. She’s not a day over… er… 29!

Myspace Happy Birthday Graphics

overheard conversation

Today, I had been asked to hold during a phone call. I guess the representative didn’t realize that I was no longer on hold but able to hear the conversation he was having with a co-worker.

Here’s what I heard:

Lady: Have you ever been a victim of road rage?

Guy (representative): No. I’ve had road rage.

Lady: It’s awful. So scary. Once this teenaged boy almost ran me off the road!

Guy: Really… hmmm… uhhh… what kind of car do you drive?


Lady: Oh you stinker! (laughing)

Four Oklahoma Towns

Mom just told me that she read somewhere that there’s a sentence that is made only of four Oklahoma town names. She does not know which four towns comprise this sentence.

Here’s what she came up with:

Sallisaw Henryetta Wagoner Catoosa.
(Read: Sally saw Henryetta waggin’ her catoosa).

What do you think? Can you come up with another sentence?

Take a look…

at photos taken yesterday on the set of Sweeney Todd.

Many thanks to Bonnie at The Johnny Depp Zone for the photos.