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The last searches

that led people to my blog (and my comments) are as follows:

stepmother, spanking, belt, on the bedIt’s weird that my blog would show up with this search, but it does. My ex spanked my son with a belt the last time they went to visit (July 2005) and I blogged about it.

birthday party countdown tickersNot sure how I came up on this one

2006 hooters calendar oklahomaDid ya like that one?

The invention of Hugo CabretThe review I listened to was excellent – hope you enjoyed it as well.

scary pictures of bloody maryUhmmm.. nope, don’t have any of those!

johnny depp linbabaI think Johnny Depp will be excellent in the role of Lin in the upcoming movie Shantaram. Cannot wait for the filming to begin!

“getting rid of” my bunkbed My daughters have bunkbeds that are currently unbunked.

soul number sevenHave no idea about this one

ello beastieIsnt’ that a great line?

stepmom spankingSee above

random conversations between 2 peopleI love posting random conversations that I overhear.

Johnny Depp character quizDid you do the quiz? Which character did you get?

Oprah’s birthday when When is Oprah’s birthday again? I should remember since she’s a better mother to oldest daughter than I. Or at least she was at one point! 🙂

CSI character with no legsHe has legs! He does!

ShantaramA wonderful book – hope you read & enjoy it!

Laurent Graff Happy Days Johnny DeppAnother good book – a bit dark, but good.

coulottes with bootsI see people wearing these two things together all the time – still don’t really understand it, though.

Why don’t I remember my dreamsSorry, can’t help you there. Why not keep a notebook by your bed & write down what you can remember before getting up after waking?

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