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diabetes education for XH

I know, I know.. I probably shouldn’t have. XH should take the initiative & do it himself, right?

But I did it.

I looked up the listing of certified diabetes educators in the state where XH lives.
Then I called the number listed for the diabetes educator who’s at the hospital/medical center at the military installation where XH and his family are stationed.

Turns out that the diabetes educator works in internal medicine and no one would transfer me to her.

They told me to call pedicatrics.
Then the lady in the pediatric clinic told me to call the insurance company, Tricare.

Instead, I called the main hospital number & spoke with the patient advocate/representative. He suggested that I speak with a nutritionist & said that’s where the diabetes classes take place. Finally – getting somewhere!

When I called the nutrition clinic, though, I was transferred yet again. This time to a Lt. Col. who was very very nice. She told me about the diabetes classes that are every Tuesday and said that if XH and his wife would call, they could get in a class to learn carbohydrate counting.

After they’ve completed the class, the Lt. Col. will help XH and wife find a nurse/diabetes educator who will educate them about diabetes – the signs, symptoms, cause, effects, treatment, administering medication – the same things I learned with the diabetes educator before leaving the hospital.

The Lt. Col. commended me for searching for information to make it possible for my daughter (and her siblings) to be able to spend time with my ex-husband, his wife & their children. I told her that it was not for me – but for my kids – since they deserve to see their dad regardless of what I think of him.

I called XH to give him the phone number to call to set up the appointment. I called his home number thinking that they’d not be home & I could just leave a message with the clinic phone number, but his wife answered the phone & we spoke for a bit. She was concerned about DD & wanted to know about her diabetes, how it’s going, what we do daily to manage it, what the initial hospital stay/diagnosis was like, and how all three kids are dealing with it. She is very interested in the class and said she’s going to call & get it set up.

A few things she mentioned revealed lies XH had told her about me & the kids but that’s no surprise. I’ve learned to expect it over the years.

Overall, I’m happy with how the conversaton went. It was about 1000 times better than some of the conversations I had with her 4-5 years ago.


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