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After XH made his comment about me not ever driving the kids down there, I started thinking about that. I pulled out a copy of the visitation schedule to verify that it doesn’t say anything about transportation to & from visitation – it doesn’t.

Today I’ve gone through an entire range of questions:

Am I alienating the kids by not meeting XH halfway for pick ups and drop offs (a 2 1/2 hour drive for each of us)?

Does it matter that he was 2 hours late each time to pick up or drop off when we had agreed ahead of time to meet halfway at a certain time with a 30 minute window?

Should I offer – again – to meet halfway?

What’s best for the kids?

I want them to know their dad – I want him to want to see them – and I’ve been frustrated that he’s made no effort since August 2005 to have them come visit. He has come here to see them – but has not had them there with him & his family since then.

After discussing it with a few friends who have lived the visitation lifestyle for several years, I’ve decided to offer to drive the kids one way. If XH will pick them up from my house for the visit, I will drive to his house to bring them home. This way, I’m not sitting at the meeting place for 2 hours waiting for XH to show up.

Now, we’ll see if XH meets with a diabetes educator to learn how to care for DD during visits.