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XH saw the kids today

for the first time in a few months. He lives about 5 hours away.

In his usual fashion, XH came to see the kids early this morning and left around 2pm this afternoon.

When he was here, DS asked about the video game that XH had told him he bought for DS for Christmas. XH told him that if DS will come visit, he can have his video game – and that the girls can have their Christmas gifts then too.

They said, “Why don’t you pick us up & take us down there, then?”

He said, “Well, your mom won’t ever drive you down there – and now I have to take classes so I can help take care of youngest DD.”

Oldest DD said, “Mom has offered to meet you half way – and besides, you have to want us to come.”

I was in the kitchen or my bedroom when these things were said – or just going around in the house doing whatever I was doing – cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. – not in the same room as them. I could hear it all b/c the house isn’t very big. I was going to leave, but with youngest DD’s recent diabetes diagnosis, XH said he’d feel better if I was here since he didn’t know how to handle an emergency should one come up – so I stayed.

XH also told the kids, as they were playing Uno Attack! that oldest DD is his favorite – although he loves them all the same. I have no idea why he did that – it makes no sense. I cannot imagine what he thought it would accomplish.

XH is now dangling a Spring Break trip to Florida or Las Vegas and a summer vacation cruise in the Bahamas in front of them. He said that he wants to get the diabetes education classes out of the way so the kids can come with them. I hope he follows through – it’s awful to see how it hurts them when he doesn’t. The kids would love to go – but after being out of school all last week for ice/snow, the school district has not said how those days will be made up. Once that’s announced, I will let XH know, so he can plan around their school breaks & hopefully it will work out.

2 Responses

  1. I will not be holding my breath down here in TX to see if he follows through! 🙂
    The kids probably know that he is just a talker and that if they want to have a REALLY fun vacation (better than Florida, the Bahamas, etc.) they can always come to Aunt Julie’s and add to the chaos here. hee hee


  2. Sorry you have to deal with this. I remember getting my hopes up for things that didnt come true as a kid.

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