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Thursday Thirteen #37

Thirteen things about Titanium

1. It’s been 4 weeks since youngest daughter came home from her stay at the hospital.
2. Youngest daughter (age 10) was diagnosed with Type I diabetes on December 19, 2006.
3. Her blood glucose was over 750 and she was diagnosed with DKA (diabetic keto-acidosis.
4. The first time I gave DD an insulin injection, I thought I was going to pass out.
5. Now, it’s completely normal to give her injections.
6. DD started giving herself insulin injections when we’d been home from the hospital for a week. Now she does about half of her injections and I do the rest.
7. Youngest DD and DS started a new elementary school this month.
8. My kids have been out of school this week because of icy road conditions.

9. For the past 2 days, they’ve been sledding with my sister & her children in the afternoons. They’ve had a blast!

10. We’re not used to ice and snow in Oklahoma – I’ve seen some really crazy driving this week.

11. We’ve been advised by local weather forecasters to expect 3-6 inches of snow this weekend.
12. Nothing brings a family together quite like the auditions for a new season if American Idol.
13. We’ve had a blast watching the past couple of nights.

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18 Responses

  1. Here in Houston, the driving has been most exciting…so long as you’re watching it in the comfort of your own home; else, it’s terrifying if you’re beside the person sledding across the road!

    Happy Thursday to you!

  2. well come to florida. it was 78 in west palm today! and mo sent me…. bee

  3. Interesting list.

    My 13 are up.

  4. I hope that your daughter is doing ok? It is really cold here in Ontario and at last we got snow.


  5. You have had a stressful few weeks. What a great blog..Love your list this week

  6. So young for injections. I pray all continue to goes well for her and you!

    Snow snow snow. I want snow! I have ice this morning and lots of rain, cold no snow!

    American Idol is just not something I watch. Never have! But I do know lots that like it! I do think Simon is cute!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Thursday!

    Blossoming Heart Capture

  7. I hope your daughter is doing well. It must be hard for one so young to do the injections. Hope you are all staying warm!

  8. Thanks for visiting my TT. I wonder if as a Mom of a child with Type 1 Diabetes you might consider coming back to my blog and clicking on the link for Casey. She’s 11 and in the hospital just diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis…which she will have to deal with her whole life. She has been getting such a kick out of the notes, stories and pictures my blog readers have sent from all over!

  9. Great list. Happy T13

  10. Sledding is so much fun. The poor kids here in Indiana still haven’t gotten the chance to go yet this winter.

  11. We have also enjoyed watching Idol together, tearing up over the folks so excited about going to Hollywood, laughing, yes, laughing at some of the crazy people who show up!

    I am so glad your daughter is home and that you’re able to give her injections without passing out! I admire your strength. 🙂

    Happy Thursday, and congrats on being selected as one of the featured Thirteeners for the week at the Hub! Enjoy!!

  12. boy do i miss sledding!!! it looks so fun!!! i’m in florida, it’s 75 today. no snow. and you’re sooo right about american idol! my husband does a dance for the intro. brings the whole family together.

  13. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. My son was Diagnosed a little over 3 yrs. ago with Type 1, he’s been on the insulin pump for a year now, and it’s made life much easier. When you get a chance stop by and visit my blog, I’m starting back up my other blog about my son’s Diabetes.
    Take care!
    My TT is up

  14. our family also bonds over ai auditions.
    nice tt.
    welcome home from the hospital to your youngest dd. my youngest is a frequent flyer too having had 9 surgeries and other stuff.
    my tt is up at my blog

  15. My daughter and her husband watch American Idol together too.
    Hope your daughter does well on her medication.
    Sending good vibes your way.
    Take care,

  16. It must have been tough adjusting to the new diagnosis and treatment. I hope things are going well now.

  17. You sound like a furry nice momma! Do you gots any kitties? hehehe

  18. Maybe you got the snow instead of we here in Sweden? You can keep it if you want, because I can be without it 😉

    Oh, sorry to hear about the diabetes. I have a nephew that got it too and know how it is.

    Mrs Lifecruiser.com

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