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Back to school

The kids went back to school after Christmas break today. Oldest DD went to the same school, but DS and youngest DD started at a new school today. When we moved in December, that put us in a different elementary school’s zone, so they finished the semester at their old school & started fresh today.

I was really nervous with DD’s diabetes – but the faculty & staff were wonderful and I left feeling that my kids were in a great place. DD did great with her injection at lunch time & checking blood sugars before PE.

DS made new friends & liked his teacher a lot. DD also made new friends & thinks her teacher is great. They both came home happy & full of stories about their new classmates.

They’ve both signed up for the 5th & 6th grade volleyball team already. Practice starts on Jan. 11. They’ll have practice on Mon – Thurs afterschool until 5:15pm. On Wednesday nights, practice is over at 5:00. I’ve not seen a game schedule, so I have no idea what dates/times yet.

I know nothing about volleyball. Never played outside of a few games at church camp. Have never gone to a real game. That will soon change, eh?

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  1. Volleyball can be great fun. I last played in college, one summer when I was working as a co-op student at the local nuclear accelerator. We had a little league going, amongst the co-op students. Our team was called “the Carload of Idiots”. While your kids likely won’t have the pleasure of naming their team, I do hope they have lots of fun!

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