• December 2006
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I took the kids to see the Hornets vs the Cavaliers tonight at the Ford Center. We had great seats not far off the floor. My son was so excited to see LeBron James play. Chris Paul had a great game, so that added to the fun.

Each time Chris Paul made a shot (he had 30 points tonight, so it happened quite often), the announcer yelled, “CP3!!!” When we first arrived & the lights dimmed for the teams to run in & for the player introductions, son’s eyes lit up. He was so cute.

Throughout the game, he cheered & yelled loudly for LeBron James even though we were in Hornet territory (actually, the whole arena was “Hornet territory.”) He was an equal opportunity cheerer, though. He cheered for whichever players made good plays regardless of their team.

He thought it was so funny that Chris Paul at 6 feet tall looked so short compared to LeBron James’s height (I think he said he’s 6 ft 8 inches).

Son & nephew were amazed that the Hornets won tonight & were happy to have been at the game. I’m glad it wasn’t a blow out. With the score staying within 2-3 points or most of the game, there were no dull moments.

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