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Thursday Thirteen #36

Thirteen things on Natalie’s thankful list

1. children
2. parents
3. sisters
4. church family
5. divorce
6. friends
7. Dobby
8. pets
9. toothbrushes
10. books/libraries
11. freedom
12. summer
13. vacations

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basketball game, music program & asthma

Son’s team did not win their game today – it was their first loss and the boys were really disappointed. They lost by 12 points. Son played really well and was a good sport. I’m proud of him.

Youngest daughter’s music program was tonight. She had a solo and did really well. She’s been singing/chanting her part for ages & finally got a chance to perform. She loves to be in front of an audience & just glows when it’s her turn to speak or sing. Her voice didn’t waver, she smiled & seemed happy and relaxed.

Oldest daughter had to see the doctor yesterday for her asthma. It’s been years since her breathing was so poor. The doctor switched her to a different medicine and she’s feeling better today, although not quite normal, still.