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A glimpse into my world

I’ve been busy busy busy and a bit crazy – but still here.

My aunt (dad’s sister) passed away on Tuesday. We’re planning a memorial service for her b/c her wish was to be cremated & not have a funeral. This is the kids’ first time to deal with death (besides a few fish) that they can remember, so it’s been a bumpy ride.

Basketball season has started. Both DD10 and DS11 are playing. I posted about this a few days ago.

I’m in the process of buying a home. Everything is in order – just waiting on the closing date to arrive – Nov. 30. So I’m weeding through & packing. It’s amazing how much you can accumulate in a short time. I just weeded through everything about 18 months ago!

I have had internet connection problems, but it turns out it was a filter problem. I was so frustrated with the slow connection that I lost patience with reading/posting. It was awful. The DSL filter was slowing down my connection to a slower than dial up speed (according to the line test I did at the AT&T website earlier with the technician). As of about today, the filter is off, a new one is on the way & I’m happy because the speed has been restored. smile.gif

Nothing new regarding the ex & his seeing the kids. Same old same old. Nothing to talk about b/c I have learned to expect/anticipate it.