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cheetah girls

Just as we’d finally ridden out the storm of the mania from the first Cheetah Girls movie, Disney set the newest hurricane spiraling at my house.

On Friday, we had a “cheetah-licious” Cheetah Girls 2 movie premier party at my sister’s house. My daughters & neices were very excited. From 7pm until 9pm, we heard lots of squealing, giggling, singing, more giggling, and whispering.

The girls have now seen the movie a few times, have memorized several of the songs, and have decided that they must become the next Cheetah Girls.

I suggested that they try a new gimmick. Instead of being Cheetah Girls, since Disney already has those, why not be different?

How about

The Lion Girls?
The Dolphin Girls?
The Shark Girls?
The Giraffe Girls?
The Koala Girls?

They did not like my ideas. At. All.

The girls now want to decorate their bedrooms in cheetah print. Well, my youngest daughter & my sister’s eight year old do. The other girls are not quite as enthralled.

In case you wondered, it’s now official
(at my house & my sister’s house, at least) –

Cheetah Girls Rock!

2 Responses

  1. I hate to say it but I don’t know what the Cheetah girls are! Comes of having a boy, I assume.

  2. hi i just want to say the cheetah girls rock and your like my roll models ive seen all your moves sing on stage ect i love you cheetah girls

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