• August 2006
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no legs?

Today at work, two coworkers came in from lunch arguing. They had been talking about the show CSI: New York. Rachel mentioned that she liked it best of the CSI shows. She said that she thinks Gary Sinese is a good actor.

Daphne asked if he’s the one with no legs.

Laughing, Rachel tells her that that was in a movie – Forrest Gump.

Daphne was convinced that Gary Sinese really has no legs and professed great respect for him as an actor and as a man with determination to succeed regardless of his physical condition.

After joking around with her all through lunch, she did a google search for Gary Sinese.

She discovered that


he does have legs!

Daphne says she’s lost all respect for him and that we’ve ruined the show for her. She says that we should have never told her. Daphne also wonders why he walks so slowly on CSI: New York. And why has she never seen him in shorts. And, why do they hardly ever film his whole body. She only remembers seeing him from the waist up.

**names changed to protect the guilty**

One Response

  1. Now THAT is really funny!!! It seems that her respect for him should have increased because he did such a good job in “acting” like he really had no legs, that she believed it was no act! Just my opinion. I think I would enjoy working where you work just because of all the raw comedy gems it would provide.

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